Four major cooperation cases in the LED industry in the past three months (Figure)

On March 30th, Germany's Osram and Everlight Electronics announced on the 26th that the two sides had a cross-licensing of patents. Yiguang was the first manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain patent licenses for LED lighting and automotive applications, because Osram is a high-power LED overlord. Not only can we obtain Osram's OEM orders, but the products will also be unimpeded in Europe, America and Japan, leading the Taiwan LED industry to break through the patent blockade.

Yiguang is the first operator in Taiwan's LED industry to cross-licensed with international LED manufacturers. Zhang Shixian, deputy general manager of Jingyuan Optoelectronics, LED upstream epitaxial wafer factory, said that LEDs manufactured in Taiwan will not be limited to Taiwan and mainland markets in the future. Billion light, crystal power, and even Taiwan are all points. On the 26th, the three major legal entities bought Super Crystal and Yiguang simultaneously, Jingdian bought more than 6,300, and Yiguang bought more than 3,200.

As LEDs enter the era of lighting, international LED manufacturers have adopted an open attitude towards the release of patents. Following the cross-authorization of Japan’s Nichia and Seoul Semiconductor and Luminus, OSRAM announced on the 26th and Yiguang issued a press release stating that Osram will Extending the patent granted to Yiguang in 2003 to all application areas, this time added new automotive and general lighting, and agreed that Osram can use the billion-LED LED packaging patent.

Both parties will be able to develop and manufacture LED-related products without avoiding the patents of each other. Under the new agreement, when customers use Everlight LED products in various regions, no matter what application, they will not have doubts about the Osram patent. At the same time as the patent cross-licensing agreement was signed, Everlight Electronics further signed a foundry agreement with Osram. In the future, Everlight will serve Osram's foundry in certain LED products.

Liu Bangyan, general manager of Everlight, said that the biggest significance of this cross-licensing is to expand to the most popular LED lighting and automotive applications. The future products will have no infringement doubts in the world, and the image and performance of Yiguang will be obvious. Enhancement.

In September 2003, Yiguang, the chairman of the board of directors, described the rights paid by a safari car and took the lead in purchasing a patent with Osram. At that time, the white LED was just getting started, and the billion-light robbed the machine first, and expanded a lot of business for Yiguang. Including international companies such as Nokia and Apple, they all saw the license of Everlight and Osram, which made Yiguang a member of the supply chain, and the patents at that time were limited to backlights.

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