French famous lighting designer Roger looks at the Chinese night canal

“How do we imagine that the first section of the canal was built 2,500 years ago? How can we imagine that this river can carry us from Hangzhou to 1794 km away from Beijing?...”

On the National Day this year, the night canal will receive visitors from all walks of life with a beautiful face. On February 21st, the famous lighting designer Roger from France came to attend the Canal Lighting Conference held in Hangzhou. As an expert, and as an ordinary foreign tourist, Roger used his smooth English to describe the night illumination of the canal he designed. The bridge has the exquisiteness of the bridge, the twists and turns on the shore, the spring and spring, and the winter. Winter warmth...

However, what is most impressive is not all the good prospects for the future, but Roger's words: "We don't want to use light to decorate the canal. Instead, we want to use light to express its inner temperament and the infinite possibilities of the canal night scene. Sex." The canal itself is a movement, and the light and shadow only give it a quiet, soothing and elegant harmony.

The boat rides from the farthest pier along the canal is about 10 kilometers long. On the way, visitors will be able to discover and appreciate many different elements of different scales at night: pavilions, towers, traditional tea houses, old factories, modern wharf Bridges, tall buildings, tributaries, trees, sculptures, etc.

These are the places where people stop to take postcard photos! All the elements of these special locations make the night view of the canal more attractive, and special lighting treatment will attract more Chinese and foreign tourists.

Take a look at the night canal in Roger's eyes.

Under white light

Feel the style of the Seine

When you mention the canal, people will think of the exquisite ancient bridges that span the canal. Indeed, there are more than 20 bridges of different eras, questions, heights, materials and colors on the main section of the Grand Canal in Hangzhou. They are an important part of the canal tour. In fact, these ancient bridges are indeed highly valued, not only have each bridge been carefully carved, but they have been illumined first in the case of large canals in the canal at night.

However, the experts saw the problem at first glance - many bridges were highlighted, but with different colors and designs. The details of the bridge and the sculptures on the stigma were not shown; the floodlights on the river below were illuminated by the floodlights, and the intense glare caused great disturbance to the tourists on board.

Roger's suggestion sounds simple, changing all the existing lighting to use only one kind of white light. "White lighting can beautify the shape and structure of these bridges without any artificial deformation."

The merits and elegance of this strategy have been confirmed in Paris – the “white light” approach adopted by the Paris government on the Seine. All the lighting will be concentrated only on the façade of the bridge. The underside of the bridge and the arch will be completely in the dark. It is precisely this darkness, "helping people see the landscape farther away at night."

Roger also chose the same color as the ancient bridge when it was built on the light of the trees - the most simple and true white, and very persistently insisted that "all white in all seasons."

four Seasons

Each has its own color

At present, the lighting around the canal is mainly realized by high-pressure sodium lamps. Many tourists often feel fresh when they first board the canal bus. It will be very boring after a long time. All the way down, the whole night scene is disorderly and disorderly.

The canal manifestation itself has continuity, and Roger suggested after the inspection: use colored light. According to the season change, creating beautiful misty visual effects on both sides of the river, the color of the mist changes from the ice blue in winter to the blue-green in summer. When the night falls, the natural water vapor and the real mist rising from the canal enlarge the lighting effect. The mist of light is like the light wave flowing from south to north along the beautiful curved contour of the canal.

The color lighting system installed on the river bank is dimmable and controlled by computer to change the intensity of light and the color of the fog. When the night falls, the brightness of the light can be higher, and the light wave simulates the flow of the river; about 10 o'clock in the evening, the brightness of the light is dimmed, and the effect of the light is gradually stationary; after midnight, the fog is closed, keeping the surrounding quiet.

Traditional modern

Show their own style

The traditional buildings on both sides of the canal are an integral part of the Grand Canal landscape and the history of the canal landscape, which frequently appears throughout the canal landscape. Considering that the tower-shaped roof is the most eye-catching in the night scenery, Roger ingeniously proposed to illuminate the whole building with golden white light, highlighting the beautiful tower-shaped roof, pillars and walls to be illuminated at night. Shows the texture of these structures.

In addition, the main section of the canal in Hangzhou has many modern hexahedrons. For its different styles and traditional architecture, Roger has proposed another way of lighting: installing colored, vertical lighting frames above these buildings. . These frames stand in the skyline of Hangzhou, just like the virtual three-dimensional frame, which overlooks the buildings as if they were alive.


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