Talking about the Three-wavelength White LED Packaging Technology of Taiwan Factory

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What's new in the LED field recently?

In addition to LED backlights and LED drivers, the visibility of automotive lighting, commercial lighting and special lighting has increased.

In view of the lighting required for the products, the halogen lamps used in the department store windows have been used by manufacturers to use LEDs. Not only are there no UV problems, but the temperature of the heat is also much less.

The LED is more noticeable in commercial lighting, there are two kinds of lighting technology.

Generally, we know that the most expensive white LED products on the market are made up of blue LED products and fluorescent powder. The white LEDs are mixed with blue wavelength and fluorescent light. The wavelength of powder is called, so it is called dual-wavelength white LED technology.

The more advanced and costly products use three-wavelength white LED technology, that is, RGB three-color LED modules composed of red LEDs, green LEDs and blue LEDs. Through the wavelengths of these three LEDs, Let the three colors of light mix into white light, which will be close to the white light seen by our eyes under the sunlight, and the white light texture will be more realistic than the dual-wavelength white LED.

However, is there any way to make the first dual-wavelength white LED that was proposed earlier evolve? Taiwan's factory has released a new three-wavelength white LED packaging technology and obtained US patent rights. This is different from the two white LEDs mentioned above, using blue LEDs plus red and green phosphors. With the package, it is possible to create a single white LED with a three-wavelength product.

This is helpful for the industry, because it can achieve the white light effect that can be produced by RGB LEDs in the case of cost saving, and improve the CRI color rendering. This technology is expected to be commonly used in freezer light strips, commercial lighting, special lighting, backlight modules and more.

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