LED market demand has grown sharply, prices have fallen back

Since the beginning of this year, the demand for large-panel size applications has not yet been officially fermented, but the industry is not sloppy about the high-power LED preparation work commonly used in 17-inch medium and large-sized panels. In view of the increasing number of newcomers and the maturity of high-power LED technology, experienced people predict that in order to respond to market demand, next year, a high-power led price may drop from the current 2-3 dollars to 1 US dollar, and the market demand is sharp. The timing of growth will also be concentrated next year.

Although the spot price is still high, but the domestic led industry pointed out that in order to stimulate market demand, at present, Taiwan's led manufacturers, whether it is a die or a packaging factory, have many manufacturers began to officially launch high-power led. In order to respond to the widespread use of lcdtv as a backlight source from the end of 2006 to the beginning of 2007, the means of lowering the price of high-power LED products will be one of the main means for various industries to stimulate the market. It is initially expected that the unit price of high-power LEDs will likely fall to the level of US$1 next year.

For the inevitability of price reduction trend, the industry believes that on the one hand, with the wide application of high-power LED and the continuous addition of new manufacturers, at the same time, mature precision manufacturing technology also leads to continuous reduction of production costs, homogenization competition will intensify, market price Therefore, it continues to decline. On the other hand, from the perspective of global energy conservation and environmental protection, the industry believes that the development speed of super bright LED is very fast, from the original indicator light to the lighting industry, and in just one or two years, it has formed a certain scale of industry. It is inevitable that a new revolution will emerge in the market.

Although the demand for high-power led is not high in the first half of this year, it is not common in the market. The spot market demand is only about a few k in a single month, but the experience dealers are still optimistic, and after the successful cutting of large-size panel applications in each factory next year, High power led is expected to have a large demand.

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