2007 Northwestern Level Lighting Market Research Report (Photo)

Shaanxi Baoji has a promising future. There are 10 cities in Shaanxi Province, and there are 340 merchants in the province (except Xi'an). Among them, the number of merchants with the largest number of merchants is Baoji, there are 80. The reasons for the largest number of merchants are: (1) Baoji is the second largest city in Shaanxi, and the urban construction is better in recent years; (2) Baoji is located in the western Guanzhong area of ​​Shaanxi. It is located in the junction of Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Sichuan provinces. It is located in the center of the four capital cities of Xi'an, Lanzhou, Yinchuan and Chengdu. The Bohai, Baocheng and Baozhong railways meet here. The third large cross hub on the European continent bridge; (3) At present, Baoji has three major building materials markets, including Xinjian Road, Maying Road and Guansen World; (4) Baoji Market has a good development prospect.

The largest store is Hanzhong, there are 5, the typical big stores are Beidouxing Lighting Co., Ltd., Luxury Lighting Co., Ltd., Xinxin United Space Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. and Acer Lighting. There are many reasons for the large number of big stores in the city: (1) local strong distributors have strong brand awareness and focus on creating famous store brands; (2) people's living standards are improved, the requirements for lighting products are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for shopping environment are also high. (3) The market is relatively mature, and some business operators are more professional.

The stores with more luxurious decoration are Baoji, Hanzhong and Ankang. Typical stores include Oupu Lighting in Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, New Times Lighting Store in Weibin District of Baoji City, NVC Lighting Store in Baoji City and Beidouxing Lighting Co., Ltd. in Hanzhong City.

There are 5 professional lighting markets in prefecture-level cities in Shaanxi: Xianyang Tianhui Building Materials City Tasting Baoji Xinjian Road Building Materials City Taste Ankang Lighting World, Hanzhong Chenjiaying, Yanan Shengming Palace Building Materials Market, the number of businesses are 30, 30, 15, 35, 12 .

Shaanxi local market merchants mainly purchase goods in Zhongshan Guzhen, Xi'an and other places, and are transported by Qin Yue, Wangda and other freight departments.

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