"Qing Yun Zhi 2" smart TV viewing method, the heroine to be replaced? Is not Zhao Liying anymore?

Since the launch of the first quarter of the "Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi" broadcast, the number of broadcasts has exceeded 100 million. The audience ratings are amazing. In addition to the fans brought in by the high-value cast, Xiao Ding's novel "Zhu Xian" and the large-scale online game "Zhu Xian" adapted from the novel To a large number of loyal fans, as the originator of the fantasy fairy Xia novels, "Zhu Xian" can be said to be a generation of youth's feelings! "Qing Yun Zhi" only one season is certainly not enough to see, it is reported that "Qing Yun Zhi" will soon be the second quarter and everyone Meet! ! The sofa network Xiao Bian took everyone to look at the story of the second season.

The play tells the story of Xiaomiao Zhang, a young boy from Cao Miao Village, who joined the Qingyun Gate, together with Baguio, a friend of the King, Lin Chuanyu, a friend, and Lu Xueqi, Zeng Shushu, and other youngsters, to help the good and the evil demon and eventually frustrate the story of the ghost king.

The storyline was adapted from the previous fierce Xiao Ding novel "Zhu Xian," starring Li Yi Feng, Zhao Liying, and Yang Zi, who soon swept the network and became one of the most popular online dramas. After the end of the first season, the audience They have expressed their intentions, and the second quarter also came into being.

In the last episode of the first season, the "Infatuation Mantra" was used in the battle of the Magic to disperse all the souls and blood of the Zun Xian. They saved their lives and saved Zhang Xiaofan. Fortunately, one soul was detained by the Acacia bell. The body is immortal and has not been awakened for ten years. Later, when the spirit of the four spirits was completed and the collapse of Fox Qishan collapsed, the body was missing, leaving only the next green clothes and Acacia bells.

Zhao Liying plays the role of Baguio, the ghost of the king's daughter, a lively and lively green clothing, infatuation infinite, Yan instant flower, amazing looks, a green, infatuated infinite, for love can pay their own lives, is a great woman. And the audience is very sad about Baguio's death, but whether or not they can continue to play in the second season of Qingyunzhi continues to act as the heroine, or they have to wait until the official broadcast.

According to the plot of Qingyunzhi, after the death of Baguio, Zhang Xiaofan’s anger broke out. In the novel, although Baguio is not resurrected, it may not necessarily be in the TV series. Starting from the original powder or starting from the audience of TV dramas, it is necessary to see the writers' ideas.

Who is the heroine in the second quarter of Qingyunzhi? Is Yang Xue playing Lu Xueqi? Want to know the results of the friends do not miss the wonderful second quarter, oh, sofa network Xiaobian now tell you a smart TV users to chase "Qing Yun Zhi," the second quarter of a simple way.

Through Tencent's video TV version, you can see all the episodes of the first season of Qingyunzhi. After the second season, Tencent's video TV version will be updated at the first time. The chasing youngsters must pay attention.

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