The home fair will be a perfect curtain call: inventory of those "high IQ" smart appliances, robots

“China (Hefei) Internet Conference welcomes you!” When the reporter walked into the conference hall, he saw a cute and welcoming robot, and he greeted the audience with enthusiasm. From November 18th to 20th, the 10th China (Hefei) International Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Home Expo) was held in Hefei. The China (Hefei) Internet Conference was also an important part of the same period. Hefei Home Expo once again let the global home appliance industry focus on "Hefei time", "intelligence" has undoubtedly become the key word of this exhibition, a variety of smart appliances, smart hardware, accompanying robots and other smart applications have all appeared.

Smart home appliances pay more attention to functions

In recent years, the intelligentization of home appliances is the focus of major companies. But what about intelligence? It is the intelligent direction of WiFi connected to the Internet, or the direction of the Internet of Things that automatically switches the user's needs. Different companies have different practices. At the home fair, the intelligence that the reporter saw was more of an intelligence that would make the product function closer to the user's actual needs.

How to wash clothes today? How long does it take to wash? How much laundry detergent do you need to add? What kind of force is needed to wash? These problems don't have to be thought of by you, and the washing machine will take it into consideration. At the home fair, Whirlpool brought a major innovation - Whirlpool's sixth smart washing machine "Radiant Ray". The washing machine has the 6th sense of intelligent laundry technology created by Whirlpool. It is known for its intelligent functions such as intelligent washing, intelligent drying, intelligent addition, and intelligent interconnection. It can be thought like a person and judge the amount of clothes, water volume, strength, and washing method. Etc., automatically determine the amount of water, washing time, detergent volume, etc., good at "one-button intelligent control", only 3 seconds to solve the laundry troubles, especially suitable for washing high-end clothing.

The home fair is a perfect curtain call: smart home appliances, robots collective "show IQ"

Whirlpool China Chairman and President Jin Youhua told reporters: "Now, at the product level, Whirlpool China has absorbed Whirlpool's global technology, industrial design and R&D capabilities. At the management level and corporate culture level, Whirlpool China is further integrated and reflected in the products. That is, we have brought the latest high-tech products to this home fair, and launched new products in the Chinese market that are more suitable for Chinese consumption habits, such as intelligent, multi-functional, multi-color and so on."

Meiling CHiQ2 generation smart refrigerator is also very representative. The reporter saw that the door-to-door refrigerator attracted a lot of spectators to stop the evaluation. Compared with other refrigerators in the exhibition area, its most remarkable feature is that the refrigerating area and the freezing area can be switched with the user's wishes. A person in charge of Meiling told reporters that because of the dual compressors, the world's first intelligent cold distribution technology and ETC intelligent identification technology, the CHiQ2 generation of intelligent refrigerators has the ability to freely switch between refrigerated and frozen areas. The person in charge also said that Meiling will build a platform for intelligent R&D, intelligent manufacturing and smart life, export more and more high-performance life products and services, and expand the comprehensive white electric kingdom territory.

The problem of "sewage laundry" in washing machines has always been a problem in the industry, and there are not many washing machine brands that can solve this problem. TCL pioneered the development of a smart “soil-free” washing machine, which was introduced to the market this year. At the home fair, TCL released the first "free-smoke washing machine standard" in the home appliance industry. It is understood that the "soil-free" washing machine is designed with a unique, freely insertable chassis. The enclosed space between the inner and outer barrels allows the washing water to flow only through the inner cylinder to the outer cylinder, but not from the outer cylinder. The tube eliminates the problem of sewage laundry. It also has the function of intelligent and precise automatic delivery. A person in charge of TCL told reporters that TCL uses the "free-soil" technology washing machine, because it caters to the needs of the young generation of consumer groups that are currently focusing on quality consumption and healthy living. Since its launch, it has been very popular among consumers, and its sales volume and Compared with the same period last year, it increased by 14%.

Work intelligence brings new winds

The product that intuitively reflects artificial intelligence is the robot. In addition to the welcome robot at the door of the Internet conference, you can see the robot everywhere at the home fair. The various kinds of robots that will send tea to the water, play chess, and care for the elderly and children, will work on the assembly line, attracting a lot of audiences to interact with each other.

The accompanying robot displayed in the exhibition hall of the small household appliance enterprise Rongdian Group not only can communicate with people, but also bring entertainment projects. On the spot, it performed a song "Little Apple", which can be a child's companion. Reading a small book boy can also be a "careful escort" for the elderly. The trackless navigation catering service robot displayed in the Wuhu Pavilion has practical functions such as automatic meal delivery, dish introduction, empty disk recycling, autonomous navigation, autonomous avoidance, voice prompts, song sing, mobile computer wireless control, etc., which can replace or partially replace The restaurant waiter serves the customer. The robot arm displayed by Ruishuo Technology is a robot that can work on the assembly line. The staff can use the wearable equipment to demonstrate the movement. The robot can remember and master the work, instead of manually carrying out the boring assembly line work. There is also a robot that can be used with one heart and one mind. Chess and Go play at the same time, and play against the audience, and easily deal with it.

Zhang Subing, director of the China Electronics Technology Standardization Research Institute, pointed out that while using the new materials and new technologies to continuously optimize hardware, the home appliance industry actively caters to the demands of the times and combines the technological advantages of artificial intelligence to begin to provide ecological services. In the future, more companies and capital will focus on the field of artificial intelligence, and the wavelength of artificial intelligence development will enable more companies to choose cross-border and integration. For a long time, intelligent home appliances and artificial intelligence will echo each other and complement each other. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will become the next slogan and will attract more attention.

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