What is Smart TV Which smart TV is worth buying

TV is one of our most familiar home appliances. Compared with traditional TVs, smart TVs can bring us more fun. Smart TVs have gradually developed into the center of home entertainment and have won more and more favors of users. However, some people are still vague about the concept of smart TV. What is smart TV in the end? What features does "smart" have? Today Xiao Bian has solved doubts for everyone. Here's the relevant science knowledge about Smart TV to help you better understand what Smart TV is.

What is a smart TV

Smart TVs, like smart phones, have a fully open platform equipped with an operating system, allowing users to install and uninstall various types of application software while enjoying normal TV content, and continue to expand and upgrade new TV products. . Smart TVs can use Internet and wireless networks to surf the Internet, giving users a more convenient experience. At present, TVs have become a trend.

What are the features of smart TV

1, intelligent system

The smart TV is equipped with an open operating system. Users can freely download and install third-party applications such as games, music, QQ, and video software. The television content and functions can be continuously expanded. If new systems or resources are available, resources can be updated so that televisions can never be left behind.

2, network function

Smart TVs have network functions. You can enjoy various video resources on the network by connecting network cables or WIFI, such as the latest TV dramas, movies, music videos, etc. You can also watch live TV broadcasts by simply downloading and installing a live TV. Software can be.

3, voice, gesture operation function

Some smart TVs support voice recognition and gesture operation functions. Through simple voice commands or gesture commands, smart TVs can present information to users.

4, online shopping

Many smart TVs are now equipped with shopping app software. For example, Jingdong, Tmall and others have their own independent APP platform. After the user clicks in, they can easily enjoy the fun of big screen shopping.

5, multi-screen interaction

Based on the role of local area networks, smart TVs can be interconnected with various smart devices in the home, such as smart phones, tablets, and iPads. Users can send music, videos, and images on these mobile devices to large-screen televisions. .

6, USB expansion function

By connecting a smart TV via USB, you can access videos, pictures, music, etc. on external storage devices such as USB flash drives. Users can also connect the mouse, keyboard, etc. to play games more easily.

7, somatosensory games

More and more smart TVs have built-in somatosensory games, such as tennis, table tennis, and bowling, which allow us to stretch our muscles at home.

8, online education

There are various educational APK softwares built in smart TVs, and everything from infants to adults can be re-educated. As long as you still want to learn, there are no resources to find.

How to buy smart TV

There are several points to pay attention to when buying a smart TV. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the size of the required TV, watch television in a healthy and correct manner, and protect the vision of the family and its own people. According to the need to use the TV's hardware configuration, pay attention to the high number of core does not necessarily represent a powerful performance. At the same time, other features of smart TVs, such as whether they support 4K and whether they can install third-party applications, cannot be ignored. Be sure to polish your eyes during the purchase process and choose a smart TV that fits your needs.

One: choose a good size to protect eyesight

Want to buy a living/bedroom TV. How big is the right one? Everybody can combine the optimal viewing distance of smart TV and TV to occupy the wall area to choose the required TV size.

LCD TV's best viewing distance = LCD TV screen diagonal x0.0635.

Calculation example: 65-inch smart TV (65x0.0635 = 4.1275 m ≈ 4.1 m)

It is concluded that the best viewing distance for a 65-inch TV is about 4.1 meters.

The smart TV occupies the wall area calculator. Enter the size of the smart TV screen (eg, 65 inches) to obtain the wall area of ​​the smart TV. The wall area of ​​the 65-inch smart TV is 143cm80cm.

Second, the hardware configuration do not be fooled

The hardware configuration of smart TVs must not be ignored. We often see the introduction of more processor cores, such as 14-core, 18-core, and 20-core. In fact, this is an additive algorithm. It is commonly referred to as quad-core and 8-core in our smartphones. Not the same, not the better performance. Therefore, we must not blindly think that the TV hardware is powerful enough to be purchased because of the high number of cores.

Third, you can rest assured to buy 4K?

4K TV refers to a TV with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, and its resolution is 4 times that of a 2K TV. 4K TV is slightly more expensive because of the cost of the screen. However, 4K content is not yet abundant in China, and 4K video needs a large amount of network transmission. If the home network bandwidth is not enough, online 4K video content may seem to be quite stuck. Therefore, everyone should not blindly pursue 4K. Choosing the right one for yourself is the best.

Fourth, third-party application extensions!

For smart TVs, there are currently licensed licensee video resources, but this is not enough for most users, but also need to install some of the mainstream television aggregation applications in order to better meet the viewing needs. Therefore, when purchasing a smart TV, it is best to ask if this TV supports the installation of third-party applications.

How to buy smart TV, in addition to the above should be noted that several aspects, TV brand, after-sales service, system and other factors also have to choose according to their own needs. Installing a sofa butler is your best choice.

There are good hardware and display effects, of course, with a rich content resources, the combination of software and hardware can play the greatest value of a TV. In terms of content, it is recommended to install a sofa butler - the sofa butler is a third-party app store designed specifically for smart TVs, Android box users, carefully providing television, box users with high-quality television exclusive version of the application, including with live Or on-demand video and audio and video software, various types of recreational competitive video game software and daily office entertainment management system management tools. click to download

Which smart TVs are worth buying

Smart TV is the center of home entertainment. Selecting a premium smart TV is naturally a “top priority”. After understanding what is the function of smart TVs, smart TVs, and how to purchase smart TVs, TV home Xiaobian will recommend several worthy smart TVs for your reference.

At present, the 55-inch smart TV is very popular among consumers. Xiao Bian first recommended a 55-inch high-performance smart TV for everyone - the millet TV 55-inch.

Recommended models: Millet TV 3 55 inches

Reference price: 3999 yuan

Millet TV 3 55 inches with a thin all-metal body, the overall body of the thickest 34.9mm, the thinnest only 9.9mm, and 48-inch millet TV 2S the same. The all-metal beauty back, the screen bending rate fell below 1.5‰, seam less than 0.2mm. With a double 45° drilling process, the frame shines like a diamond. Millet TV 3 still uses the millet TV 2S plug design, compact and practical. Due to the split-type design, the Mi TV 3 has only the MI Port port and power interface on the back to simplify interface design and get rid of clutter.

Millet TV 3 55 inch

Millet Ultimate TV TV chip 3 is mounted host MStar 6A928, with Cortex-A17 and quad-core CPU core 4 + 4 Mali-760 MP4 GPU, clocked at 1.4GHz, 1.7GHz overclocking up, with three-channel 2GB DDR3 memory, can be Easily navigate high-definition video, large-scale 3D games. Built-in independent TV stereo, sound quality comparable to HiFi.

Millet TV 3 gathers GITV, iCNTV, Mango TV and Hua Digital TV four licensees, content upgrades, plus one billion US dollars to build the millet hundred video network alliance, to provide massive TV drama, film, variety, animation, documentary, etc. Video resources, and the first time to update the cinema film, to ensure that resources are updated in time to meet the needs of our viewing video drama.

Millet TV 3 55 inch

Millet TV 3 55-inch continuation MIUI TV version, with simple and easy to use as the guidelines, minimalist style, all the icons spread across, users can easily find the application icon, easy to use. Millet TV 3 has a brand new video wall. The MIUI TV version classifies television programs. From then on, you can operate the TV in a completely new way. It's easier to find TV stations, collect programs, and watch shows.

For a friend who likes to watch TV in bed, it is definitely necessary to choose a bedroom TV! What is the value of a small-size smart TV? Micro Whale WTV43K1 TV is inexpensive.

Recommended models: Micro Whale WTV43K1 TV

Reference price: 2098 yuan

Microwhale WTV43K1 TV is mainly "simple and slim". It adopts the same mold technology as Apple TV. The ultra-narrow frame has high optical steam and fine brushed texture to realize the visual effects of drawing, sanding and high light. The medical-grade high-standard material and dust-free nano-spraying technology perfectly create a luxurious base, allowing the whale WTV43K1 TV to be more stylish and elegant.

Micro Whale WTV43K1 TV

The Whale WTV43K1 TV uses a desktop-class 64-bit quad-core Cortex-A53 processor and a Mali 450 graphics processor. 1.5GB memory, 8GB large flash memory. H.265 10bit hard decoding, easy to see online 4K video requirements.

The whale WTV43K1 TV uses LG's original IPS hard screen, and the 4K screen achieves a resolution of up to 38402160 and 8.29 million pixels. The custom-designed side-entry backlight module adopts the advanced PLGP technology light guide plate to realize the purity of the color display which can improve the light efficiency by 10%.

Micro Whale WTV43K1 TV

Micro Whale WTV43K1 TV equipped with genuine resources platform, not only has a huge amount of resources, but also has a strong content production platform. The micro-whale 43-inch TV includes the time-honored contents of Time Warner, Oriental DreamWorks, Star Media, TVB, Premier League, China Team and David.

Micro Whale WTV43K1 TV adopts WUI custom TV interface, which is optimized for Android system and realizes a flat waterfall design. The greatest benefit of this design is to shorten the user's search path and allow the user to achieve the target search operation faster.

Understand what is the function of smart TV and smart TV. Have you been attracted to smart TV? If you want to buy a smart TV, you must pay attention to how to buy smart TV and small series for everyone to recommend which smart TV is worth buying! As the so-called difficult to adjust, each person may regard the aspects may be different, we can according to their own Needs and preferences to choose! Xiaobian just hope this article can provide some help for everyone.

Service Scope: Steam turbine spare parts supply; steam turbine installation, inspection & overhaul, technological upgrading, turbine technology training, turbine low oil pressure renovation, turbine rotor shaft bend restoration, lower turbine`s vibration and noise, remove speed governing system abnormal volatility or load swing, solve turbine insufficient output, discontent load or other common/exceptional faults.

  Contract to overhaul and all kinds of turbine`s remould, turbine dynamic balance and so on, for satisfying practical operation requirements.

   Provide technical support and service for operation, inspection, maintenance, accident treatment and so on.

1. Steam Turbine Maintenance/Overhaul Service


   Steam turbine normal overhaul, failure treatment; main body components repair, heat exchange tubes of cooler replacement and so on.

2. Technical guidance

   Generating or Industrial driving turbine inspection, overhaul, upgrading and other items technical guidance.

3. Thermodynamic System Optimizing Services

   For operating or planning projects or equipment, according to end users` actual CHP(or heat-work cooling) requirements, make cycle efficiency analysis, provide system optimizing service.

4. Speed Governing System Remould


   Upgrade old hydraulic governing system to digital electro-hydraulic governing system, satisfy flexi-ble configuration all kinds of control strategy requirement.

5. Flow Passage Optimization and Modification

Total modification for steam turbine shall increase old turbine`s economic efficiency with advanced technology, service life also shall be extension.

6. Turbine Parameters Remold and Modification

Apply to processing or procedure transformation (or project site change) cause turbine operation parameters` change.

7. Uncontrolled extraction steam reconstruction

Consideration of turbine security and economic, open a hole for extraction steam normally in order to heat supply reformation.

8. Steam Turbine Engineering Service

Provide small & middle size steam turbine generator or industrial steam turbine complete set engineering, project design and project installation service.

9. Vibration Analysis and Rotor Dynamic Balance

24Hours Service for emergency vibration analysis and wide range rotor dynamic balance service at project site or back to factory.

10. Condensing (extraction condensing) type remodel to back pressure type

Condensing (extraction condensing) steam turbine remodel to Back Pressure Steam Turbine

11. Steam Turbine Vacuum System Upgrade

Condenser three-dimension design and upgrade, reduce heat-transfer temperature difference, increase steam exhaust vacuum degree, improve turbine economic efficiency. Water cooling remodel to air cooling.

12. Steam Turbine Enlargement Capacity Reconstruction

Reconstruct the turbine`s capacity which are caused by system or equipment changing.

13. Motor Speed Governing Variable-frequency Remould


 Variable-frequency drive remould for pump systems of all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises.

14. Domestic Equipment Reconstruction

Domestic equipment reconstruction for imported turbine

15. Circulating Cooling Water System Optimization and Modification

Optimization and modification of operating circulating cooling water system, reduce operation energy consumption rate.

16. Waste Heat Steam Turbine Gland Seal System Upgrade

After upgrade, steam leakage ( effect gear box oil quality) shall be improved by the reason of waste heat parameters are not stable.

17. Spare Parts Marketing

Normal easily damaged parts warehouse, shorten delivery time.

Case 1

   A fertilizer company has 2 sets of steam turbine, model are: CB6-3.43/1.27/0.294 and CB6-3.43/1.17/0.294. Because end user`s power load and steam consumption are changed, the turbines must be reconstructed according to steam parameters, flow change and guarantee high efficiency.

   Remould Parameters: turbine max. inlet steam is 100t/h, when inlet steam is 97t/h and inlet pressure is 3.15MPa(g), its extraction steam is 62t/h extraction pressure is 1.51MPa(g), exhaust pressure is 0.21MPa(g), guarantee output is 5800KW (deviation±5% ).

   Main job of remould and overhaul:

   1. Casing was sent back to manufacture`s factory for rebuilding 2 valve seat hole, expand nozzle block steam passage.

   2. Change nozzle block, take out guide blade carrier.

   3. The original double row governing stage impeller and blade was changed to single row governing stage impeller and blade, add governing stage sheath, parts of rotor sleeve need to be changed and adjusted.

   4. LP stage 3rd diaphragm steam passage inspection optimization.

   5. Casing and rotor dismounting and assembling in factory with comprehensive inspection.

   6. Rotor low speed dynamic balance test.

   7. Governor static test in factory, overspeed test.

   8. Dismount & assembly, overhaul at project site.

   9. Clear incrustation for steam governing valve, nozzle and blade.

   10. Gland seal inspection and replacement, gland sealing clearance adjustment, change the seal block which was severe wear, spring leaf which are damaged should be changed.

   11. Every bearing repair and adjust.

   12. HP & LP governing steam valve grinding, stroke adjustment.

   13. Front bearing pedestal dismounting and inspection, patch oil leaking points.

   14. Inspection and patching steam leaking of HP steam governing valve link rod.

   15. Turbine mainbody troubleshooting.

   After remolding is complete, the 2 turbine sets are running very well.

Case 2

There is a paper mill which has a set of steam turbine: B6-3.43/0.981. Due to processing consumption in workshop and load were changed, the end user request reset new back pressure and achieve the best efficiency within the shortest time.

   Parameters reform to: when rated inlet flow: 55t/h, inlet pressure: 3.43±0.2MPa(a), exhaust pressure: 0.59MPa(a), steam rate guarantee value must be 11.65kg/(kw·h), output power must be 4700KW under rated working condition. The reconstruction project is a turnkey project, from preparing components to dismount heat material, equipment dismounting and installation, till to equipment commissioning successfully.

   For reducing the work amount, keep casing and pipelines still, main jobs are following:

   1. Change front & rear gland seal and diaphragm seal.

   2. Change main shaft assembling (keep mail oil pump and coupling still).

   3. Change HP nozzle block, HP guide blade carrier and original 2 stage diaphragm, add 3 stage diaphragm, 5 stage diaphragm adopts special design for satisfy the requirement.

   4. Change the original 3 stage impeller and add another 3 stage impeller.

   5. Steam governing valve link rod adjust inlet steam, check all butterfly valves matching conditions, improper ones should be changed.

   6. Original rotor`s coupling, MOP shall be mounted in new rotor.

   7. Rotor balance.

   8. Change sylphon of governing system.

   9. Change pressure transducer sleeve, adjust hydraulic servo-motor stroke.

   10. Governor static test in factory.

   11. Clear oil system.

  The reconstructed steam turbine is B4.7-3.43/0.59, end user evaluates steam rate, vibration, exhaust temperature very strictly, but the reconstructed steam turbine is running very well and fully meet the design performance.

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