What issues should I pay attention to when setting up a home theater?

[Home Theater Network HDAV.com.cn] Home Theater is a complete audio and video replay system, including signal source, audio playback and video display, etc., involving the use of the environment, system components, connections, control and many other content. They must be organically integrated to form a harmonious whole, and they must be consistent with people's aesthetic vision and living habits. Therefore, it is not particularly easy to set up a high-quality home theater system that meets the requirements. In the interlocking cinema system, there is a shortage in any aspect, which will greatly reduce the effect. To this end, we specially organized this special special planning theme, and proposed a series of complete and reliable solutions and formation ideas to meet the strong demand of audio-visual enthusiasts, enthusiasts and audio-visual consumers. Then, what other aspects should be paid attention to when setting up a home theater? Here are some basic elements and key points for the selection of theaters.


Use occasion

Home theater is the cinema system used in the home, so it must have a place to be placed, living room, bedroom, study, or a special audition room. Different environments have different requirements for equipment, open and closed spaces. The audio and video effects are completely different. This is the first thing we have to consider. If the family's public activity area is a stylish and simple system, the independent space can be fully played, and the combination of the enthusiast level is better. For good shading, you can consider large-screen projection. It is best not to use professional or business machines with a screen ratio of 4:3. Instead, you should use a 16:9 home projector. In bright environments, only large-size TVs are available. 9 of the 32-inch screen is the most basic requirement, if the environment allows, of course, the bigger the better.

area size

The size of the audiovisual area is closely related to how the equipment is selected and matched. Small rooms are best not to use large speakers, big rooms do not use small LCD TVs, this is the basic common sense of optional equipment. Generally speaking, the enclosed space of more than 18 square meters can be projected, and the audio-visual room of more than 50 square meters will allow you to take out a large amount of equipment to purchase funds, but also have good acoustic treatment, of course, the effect is also Small rooms are hard to reach. However, there is no absolute matter. If the equipment is carefully selected and the room characteristics are adjusted, even if it is only 10 square meters, it can also play a good effect.

Room ratio

Do not use the room where the room length, width and height are integer multiples. Otherwise, the strong standing wave will let you do everything. The best equipment will not have a good sound in such an environment. If you have no choice, you must use the bookshelves, wardrobes and other indoor items to break it up. If conditions permit, the proportion of the room can also be changed by means of ceiling, partition or floor treatment during renovation.

Space, acoustic processing

If you have enough money, professional acoustic processing will let you do more with less. Audiovisual consultants can help, but there are not many high-level companies. If you don't have enough investment, you can't just be accompanied by bad voices. As long as you use your heart, you can get good results. But some basic acoustic rules we must follow, such as not having too many, too large glass windows, cabinets, not too thin bookcases, etc., they are all sound killers, especially for low frequencies, such a complete environment It’s just a disaster, and it’s hard to understand. Carpets, sofas, coffee tables, hanging pictures, curtains, etc. are all good props for tuning. The environment of spreading, absorbing and other treatments is definitely much better than the four walls. This inch, you may wish to come up with some wisdom and artistic temperament to beautify your home.

In addition, if the upper screen projection, in addition to strict shading treatment, the room color should not be too bright, too much reflective.

The amount and proportion of investment

It is investment in the fifth article because the environment is the most important. If the environment is not good and it will not be processed, no amount of investment will be useless. Money is not a panacea. If the adjustment is square, the equipment of the price will have a good effect. As for investment, entry-level video equipment, including 20,000 yuan together, can basically meet the standard, and high-end spending of 1 million yuan. If you don't carefully adjust, the effect may be very common. We have seen too much in this situation. The key is whether you care.

As for the proportion of investment, about 5-10 million yuan, the source of the signal: video: audio: accessories (wire, rack, etc.) ratio of 1:3:4:1 should be generally more appropriate. However, this is not absolute. Sometimes the factors such as the crystal card and the price/performance ratio of the equipment will affect the distribution of investment proportions. It is necessary to be flexible in terms of local conditions. The important thing is that the proportion of investment should not be too unbalanced to form a bucket effect.

Pre-embedded and connected wires

Before the decoration, it is best to plan the wire, including the power cable, the speaker cable, and the signal cable. The lighting, control, etc. are all considered. It is best to do the acoustic processing together. Otherwise, the hanging wire can be used everywhere. You are upset. Remember to use high-quality wire, and don't forget to add the root HDMl line. Now it's better to use digital transmission for audio and video. You have to remember. Wire connection also has a lot of skills, but some basic principles also need to be observed, such as signal lines should not be close to the power line, speaker line; digital transmission should be clearly separated from analog transmission; wire should not be bent at an angle less than 90 degrees Wait.

Matching skills

High-brightness projectors with low-gain screens, low-sensitivity speakers with high-power amplifiers, these are the basic rules. Each piece of equipment has its own style and personality. To integrate it as a whole, you have to go to the audio city and the store several times to get more information. With the length of the match, you can only take it with you first. Please take a look at Home Theater Technology, which will teach you a lot of skills.

Equipment commissioning and system adjustment

When the equipment is in place, the commissioning work begins after the installation is completed. There is no sound, no picture, you need to know the function of each piece of equipment. TVs and projectors must use software to test and adjust if they want to have good pictures. For example, "HIVI CAST" is easy to use debugging software. The sound is more complicated. In addition to the correct installation according to the cinema standard, the position and angle of the center and the surround should be adjusted repeatedly, and the subwoofer needs a little bit of movement. A little bit of trial, as well as sound absorption and diffusion processing. There are skills everywhere. Let's play slowly! Interesting in it. You know, if the plane is not in the sky, the earthquake is not necessarily a problem with the equipment. More fresh and fun home theater information, please pay attention to home theater network http:// (WeChat: cnhifi), the country's most influential home theater audio player interactive media website.

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