Three application cases of industrial robots in the PCB industry (Figure)

As we all know, industrial robots were first used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Robot technology has developed to the present, and the application range is so wide. The automobile industry is still an industry with high density of industrial robots . Compared with the welding, spraying and handling work in the automobile production process, the precision required by the PCB industry is higher, and the work complexity is relatively high. Here are some examples of three industrial robots used in the PCB industry.

1. SCARA robot is applied to circuit board coil detection process

At present, there is almost no complete testing equipment for short-circuiting of multi-layer coils on the market. Most of this work relies on manual completion. The PCB board with large aperture is manually placed on the detection device and then turned on for device detection. The PCB board with small aperture is small. It is necessary to manually hold the device (probe) to detect each coil. Using the SCARA robot, the loading and unloading and alignment of the matching inspection equipment can be completed, and all the coils of the aperture plate can be detected at one time. For the small aperture plate, the SCARA device is used to perform the fixed probe. The use is determined by using the probe for each one. The coil is tested and our equipment is also effective in avoiding manual inspections due to small apertures or large apertures. Compared with manual operation, the detection efficiency can be significantly improved, and the quality problems caused by missed inspection can be avoided.

2.DELTA robot is applied to the small box production process

At present, FPC loading work is generally done by using one by one and put it into the plastic tray. Because FPC is soft and thin, it is very inconvenient, even if experienced workers do this work very inefficient, Delta800 plus The previous vision system can be selected from the messy FPC stack and placed in the blister tray as required, the effect is not inferior to manual. It can reach 60 pieces/min, which can replace the manual sorting and loading, which saves valuable labor resources and reduces the cost of the enterprise.

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