Apple mobile phone or glass body blues / crystal optoelectronics benefit

According to foreign media reports, Apple plans to launch an iPhone with a glass body and a metal frame, while next year the iPhone will eliminate the LCD display that has been used since 2007, and replace the OLED display.

According to reports, although the weight of the glass iPhone case is larger than that of the aluminum alloy, the AMOLED display will make up for the added weight. The OLED display and the glass body will be limited to the Plus version of the iPhone released next year. Considering the huge user volume of the Apple mobile phone, this time, if the glass body is used, it will bring significant market space for the glass appearance parts.

The Essence Securities Research Report believes that the glass appearance parts have been applied in a variety of intelligent hardware, and the future space is huge. Lansi Technology is Apple's largest glass supplier, and Crystal Optoelectronics and Lida Optoelectronics own glass materials equipment and related technologies.

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