Broadcast TV set-top box IC card cracking method tutorials [raiders]

Can Guangkai set-top box IC card break? If you can, it will be fine, and you will not need to pay later. The author believes that this is the voice of many users of the wide-area set-top box, but can the wide-area set-top box IC card be cracked? Let us first take a look at the following several methods of cracking will not work.

The following two methods for cracking the wide-area STB IC card are implemented based on the payment method of the wide-area STB. What are the details? Look down.

There are two ways for user IC card charges:

1. Monthly deduction: If the user's IC card records the use of time is April 2015, May 2015. When the set-top box's own system time is June 2015, the set-top box stops decoding.

Crack method: modify the set-top box system time.

2. On-time deduction: If the remaining time on the user's IC card is 6 hours, the set-top box will modify the remaining time of the IC card after you have observed it for 3 hours.

Crack method: Prevent the STB from modifying the remaining time of the IC card.

After reading this, you may want to ask. Is this feasible? According to the information collected by the author, as of yet, no case has been proved successful. And according to the author's understanding, even if you break the wide-area set-top box IC card, it will take a few days to fail!

The reason is that the set-top box receives the digital television signal and also receives the interference code and automatic addressing system information added by the local television station. When the television station's addressing system cannot identify the device correctly, she automatically shuts down! (The addressing system is used to control the user's charging system).

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