2014 Gaogong LED Annual Meeting: Zhongweiguang Electronics talks about LED street lights to make wisdom transform the city

[Text|High- tech LED reporter Luo Shenghua] "Zhongweiguang Electronics has always been the leader of technology in LED streetlights. In this era of intelligent lighting, China Micro-Optical Electronics will also launch several smart street lamps and smart city management products." Zhang Yanwei, president of Optoelectronics (Weifang) Co., Ltd. said.

As energy and resources become increasingly tense, power shortages have become a prominent contradiction that constrains economic development. Relevant data indicates that at present, China's lighting consumes about 10% to 20% of the total electricity production, while urban public lighting accounts for 30% of lighting power consumption. In addition, the slogan “Let the city shine”, the number of street lamps in the country is still growing rapidly, and the energy saving situation of public street lamps is grim.

In addition, as a relatively mature domestic application market, the overall environment of LED street lamps has stabilized. Under this circumstance, LED street lamp companies are also actively seeking new economic growth points.

The requirements of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection coupled with the stimulation of new economic growth points, in recent years, the application of intelligent control systems on LED street lights has gradually increased. Many street lamp companies at home and abroad have begun to work on the production of intelligent street lamps, and for the intelligent street lamps. Promote outstanding contributions.

After the launch of the intelligent LED street lamp, it has received extensive attention in the market. Many cities around the world are eager to try and adopt a large-scale intelligent LED street lamp system in the city.

For foreign companies, Philips and GE have launched corresponding intelligent outdoor lighting products a few years ago. The domestic rising stars of Qinshang Optoelectronics, BYD and China Micro-Optical Electronics are also continuing to exert their strength.

At the same time, due to the relatively immature control technology, the system is unstable, and many people think that LED smart street lights are only stuck in the concept stage. In addition, the benefits of the LED streetlight smart project are still unknown, which brings confusion to the companies concerned with LED intelligent street lamps.

So, what is the final trend of LED smart street lights? In the complicated market environment, how should LED streetlight companies stand out? With these questions, China Micro-Optical Electronics will present the title “LED Street Lights, Let Wisdom Change the City” at the High- light LED Annual Conference of the High- tech LED in the afternoon of December 12, 2014. Keynote speech to further explore the development direction of LED intelligent street lamps.

As the industry's highest specification and largest industry event in the LED industry, it is also the best platform for the annual LED industry's year-end review, analysis and outlook. So far, the high-tech LED conference has been successfully held for four sessions. The 5th High-tech LED Conference will also be held at the Guanlan Lake Dongguan Club in Shenzhen on December 12-13, 2014. Stay tuned.

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