General knowledge of buying a digital camera

General knowledge of buying a digital camera

If you go to the mall to buy a digital camera, you need to master the necessary common sense?

The pixel problem is enough for a digital camera 5 million to 8 million pixels that is suitable for outdoor travel or home selfie. The "clearer the picture the pixel is from, the clearer" is actually a false statement. Too high pixels will only waste digital camera storage resources.

CCD size problem CCD is also a professional term that we often hear when we purchase a digital camera. In fact, a 1/2.5 inch CCD is sufficient. Too large a CCD, like pixels, is a waste.

Optical zoom and digital zoom salesman often say that the camera can zoom several times, in fact, is the digital zoom, this zoom is at the expense of the quality of the photo, in the actual shooting process is actually not what digital zoom. The most commonly used digital camera is a card machine, which is commonly known as a fool machine. It does not involve changing the lens or the optical zoom. If you want to pay more than a few times more, it is not worth it.

Is it really better to use a full manual camera? If you are traveling for a trip or a party at home, you don't need a fully manual digital camera. A card auto camera will solve all your problems.

It is actually not worthwhile to select a digital camera with a large screen size. In addition to the so-called “comfortable” point of view, there is not much bright spot in use. And the large-screen digital camera is very power-consuming, travel with this camera, but be careful not to bring power to regret. In general, a 2.5-inch screen is enough.

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