Fixtures should not be too miscellaneous

Fixtures should not be too miscellaneous

Different spaces have different requirements for lights, and using the wrong lights may also affect health. The Southern Capital Reporter took you to see the lamps and taught you how to choose the heart and water lamps in different locations.

Different colors have different psychological implications. From the perspective of light sources, what seems to be bright lights is actually different. There are LEDs, incandescent lamps, etc. The colors are also different. There are whites that are bright, beige, orange, and even strange light sources such as red and purple can be added to suit the situation. In fact, sometimes these different colors of light can make the space rich and hierarchical under the guidance of the lighting engineer, and do not need to be extra luxurious to create a different atmosphere.

In the general home interior decoration, different from the bright-eyed practice like KTV, the family-style lighting color should not make people feel dazzling and contrast is too big, and should consider the comfort of the viewer. From a coloristic point of view, different colors have different psychological cues and can easily have some effect on the body.

The cool blue color can make people feel calm and eliminate tension; the comfortable beige, light blue and light gray are good for rest and sleep, and easy to eliminate fatigue; the dazzling red, orange and yellow can make people excited. Excitement; white is the most versatile color, it can also make people feel open and comfortable. Therefore, from a functional perspective, different spaces should require different lighting effects.

This can also explain why most families generally use light sources such as beige and white. In addition, subtle lighting adjustments can have unexpected effects. For example, a dimly lit kitchen is more suitable for lighting with strong white light, while a light-filled hall can be slightly colored with creamy headlights, and bedrooms are better suited for slightly dim lighting. Lights promote sleep.

The style of the lamp and the house should be matched. In addition to the choice of the color light source of the lamp, you also need to consider whether the style of the house and the lamp can match beautifully. The obvious reason is that such an error of "European style with Chinese palace sheepskin lamp" must not be committed.

Compared with the previous use of simple long light tubes, circular round lights, or vulgar crystal chandeliers, the choice of light fixtures can now be varied. Only you can't imagine, no manufacturer can't do it.

For example, in the TV drama often seen in China's Yangpishan watercolor painted lanterns can already be found in the market, and even solid wood shelves. The tatami-style Japanese tea room is now popular, and there is also a small yellow-seat lamp and a large-sized ceiling lamp. Even the colorful glass Manchurian lanterns are complete and need to be adapted to local conditions.

The lamps also have different functions. For example, a simple ceiling lamp emphasizes the effect of lighting. For example, some lamps with different shapes emphasize the use of styling to enhance the decoration style and play a decorative role. Therefore, it is advisable to give priority to ensuring that the lights are sufficient only when the light source is sufficient.

[Tips] Creamy beige is the safest living room: As a public area, the living room needs to bring a friendly and friendly atmosphere to visitors. Therefore, bright and bright lighting design can be adopted in color, and spotlights can be added through ceilings to enrich the level of large space. sense.

Kitchen: Unlike the living room, labor as the main kitchen requires more lighting, so the lighting should be as bright as possible, the lighting should be simple and practical, and the colors should not be too complicated. Even for security reasons, some concealed fluorescent lamps can be used to provide illumination for the work surface.

Restaurant: Yellow, orange light can be used to stimulate appetite, but the color cannot be too far from the hall, and dimness should also be avoided.

Bedroom: The bedroom-based bedroom lighting should be soft and quiet, so it is not recommended to choose strong lighting and colors, nor should the colors contrast sharply.

Study: White or yellow light is more suitable to consider the illumination of people who are often reading and writing.

Bathroom: The lighting design is based on warm, soft milky white.

Channels and Corners: These places usually have low light levels. Consider using milky white and light yellow to give people a warm and intimate feeling.

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