Conductive carbon black has excellent electrical conductivity

After the carbon black is filled with high viscosity, it is not easy to flow and the shearing force is large, and heat is generated during the extrusion process to cause the coke. The viscosity is small, and the strong shearing cannot be formed during the blending, which affects the dispersion of the carbon black. One of the above factors is selected as the matrix resin. Conductive fillers for cross-linking semi-conductive shielding materials are preferred. Conductive carbon black is selected. Different types of conductive carbon blacks are selected for testing. The results are shown in the table. As the amount of paraffin increases, the peel strength does not change substantially, while the volume resistivity is A extreme point occurs as the amount of paraffin increases. This is mainly because paraffin wax can infiltrate the carbon black particles, so that the cohesive energy of the carbon black particles is reduced, which is favorable for uniform dispersion of carbon black.

If the amount of paraffin is too large, the shearing force of the system becomes small, which is not conducive to uniform dispersion of carbon black. Excess paraffin wax will also adsorb on the surface of carbon black and block the conductive passage, so the volume resistivity becomes larger. Blending cable processing is difficult to mix and easy to extrude, smooth surface, easy to mix and easy to extrude, smooth surface, easy to mix and extrude, less burr on the surface, easy to mix and extrude, poor surface flow, poor surface Rough and formable, the surface is not smooth and easy to form, the surface is smooth and easy to form, the surface is smooth, the cross-linking agent and the cross-linking auxiliary have the effect on the peeling strength of the shielding material. The actual production requires the volume resistivity of the shielding material.

Not more than the table indicates that one or two grades of conductive carbon black can be selected. One has difficulty in satisfying the conductivity requirement and has excellent electrical conductivity. However, the large surface area brings difficulty to the mixing of the shielding material, and is expensive.

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