The 12th Summit Forum | Hua Wei Yuan Neng Wenfeng: The trend of intelligent, high-reliability products

[High-tech LED reporter / Yue Mengdi] benefited from the stimulation of a new round of favorable policies, with the rapid increase in the demand for LED lighting market, the driving power supply has maintained a high growth trend in the past two years.

On the afternoon of September 26th, the 12th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum hosted by Gaogong LED was held in the conference room No.1 on the C floor of Area B of Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair. It attracted the industry insiders. With the theme of “focusing on market change from following to leading”, this forum focuses on the opportunities and risks of the industry from price war to quality and brand war through the collision of a group of outstanding corporate people.

At the forum, Shenzhen Huaweiyuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huaweiyuan”) deputy general manager and technical director Wen Feng from the LED drive power source as an entry point, and colleagues to discuss how to rapidly develop in the market Reshaping the new pattern of the power market under the environment.

Hua Weiyuan, deputy general manager and technical director Wen Feng

At present, LED drive power is mainly concentrated in South China, and it is mainly used in indoor lighting and outdoor lighting applications. Power supply brand Lin Li, Wen Feng through the comparison of the high-tech LED industry research institute (GLII) 2012 and 2014 drive power list, analysis, Infineon, Maoshuo power supply and other power supply brand is as stable as Taishan, and second-line brand The rankings vary greatly.

In Wen Feng's view, the driving power supply will certainly develop toward the trend of “three highs, one low and one smart” in the future. "Three highs means high performance, high integration, high reliability; one low is low price; one wisdom is naturally intelligent." Wen Feng said. To achieve "three highs and one low", enterprises are required to improve product quality, work from technology and research and development, improve lightning protection capability and surge resistance of power supplies to ensure product reliability; optimize design solutions to reduce Product failure rates, simplified power supply varieties, and even optimization of the supply chain to reduce costs, thereby reducing product prices.

Improve the cost performance of the product, and the development of the pulse industry is also a crucial part. Intelligent lighting is the trend of the times, power supply should also follow this trend, and timely adjustments should be made.

Benefiting from the promotion of intelligent cities, the intelligentization of power supply can achieve a scientific and energy-saving emission reduction, while also reducing the maintenance cost of LED lighting products and increasing the added value of LED lighting products. "Huaweiyuan's intelligent control power supply ratio has also been rising in recent years." Wen Feng said that by 2014, its intelligent control power supply has accounted for 28%.

In today's power market, first-line brands still dominate the market, but will face the market pressure of the rise of second-tier brands. In Wenfeng's view, second-tier brands can fully utilize the market's immaturity, strengthen quality control, and provide competitive services. And the price will definitely win the living space.

“In the next 3-5 years, products will become more and more standardized, and small brands will be eliminated, forming several large drive power manufacturers. In the future, intelligent products will dominate the market, and reliability will be more than price. It is worthy of attention." Wen Feng concluded.

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