Former Microsoft MVP talks about the growth of windows CE

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When I thought of writing this article, I was still feeling a bit heavy. After all, I have put a lot of energy and sweat on this platform. It can be said to witness the growth of Windows CE, CE also witnessed my growth. But now, it is time to say goodbye.

Strictly think, the first time I saw Windows CE should be to see Sega's Dreamcast game console around 2000. Windows CE 2.x, of course, in terms of DC, Windows CE played a good role as an embedded operating system, retreating behind the scenes. Many years later, I learned that DC used to be the CE operating system.

The first contact with Windows CE development was in 2002, Windows CE 3.0. Ten thousand teachers put a folder on the college website server, which was some of the materials he left when he was doing CE driver in the enterprise. I idled around in the college server and found this thing. I knew there was such a system like CE. I downloaded the CE development tools and SDK on the Microsoft website, and compiled and ran the Windows program I wrote on the CE without much effort. The feeling at the time was not the same as Windows.

In-depth understanding of Windows CE began in 2004, when I was graduating from undergraduate school, I participated in a project of the Automotive Academy, responsible for CE system customization and making an in-vehicle platform. This project gave me the first exposure to OS-level development. It also gave me an in-depth understanding of the CE architecture and the bottom layer. This project also led me to the path of embedded development.

I was bored when I was in graduate school. I read a lot of CE materials and source code, and even spent a year writing the first Windows CE textbook. This textbook sold about 30,000 copies, which brought me about 10W of income. There are still people who buy it. For students, it's not easy to earn 10W RMB before going out of school, so I was very proud when I was studying. But in fact did not continue to ferment this first pot of gold. The money was turned into a half house in Weihai, Shandong, and then stopped abruptly, although the price of the house doubled.

Later, the college cooperated with Microsoft to set up joint courses and training of CE. I took the course "Windows CE Embedded System" in the college, and it has been so far.

Later, I also participated in Microsoft's certification instructor training, and even did CE development training for several companies. Of course, I personally don't like training very much. Compared with lectures in school classrooms, it's very boring, so I have refused all corporate training invitations since 2008.

From 2007 to 2010, he became the MVP of Microsoft Windows CE for 4 years and gave up actively before coming to Hong Kong in 11 years. This is the highest recognition for my contribution to CE.

Since the development of Windows CE in 1996, it has been 16 years. The version number was changed from 1.0 to 7.0. According to a Microsoft employee who asked not to be named, the next version 8.0 is also under development. However, the glorious years of Windows CE are gone.

A brief review of the history of CE makes it easy for you to make your own judgment.

CE was born in 1996, why did you think you wanted to make such a thing? Because Apple released the Newton handheld computer in 1993, of course, Apple was dying at that time, and it may be closed at any time, but the Newton thing let Microsoft see To the market for handheld computers. At the same time, there was Palm, which was almost the first PDA released in 1996. The first version of CE is to make a handheld computer of this kind. The name of the product is called Handheld PC. Of course, as everyone knows later, Apple ’s Newton and Microsoft ’s H / PC are not cheap. The reason why they are premature is because the software and hardware technology, battery technology (AAA5 battery), storage technology (stored data), display technology (black and white screen), network technology (not networked), etc. were not enough to support a decent The OS is running, but it is relatively simple, and the Palm of someTImes naive makes a bargain. For a long time, Palm was synonymous with PDA. There are also many copycat Palms in China, like Lenovo handheld computers. So after Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he got rid of the promising future of Newton.

After the birth of CE, the embedded field has slowly begun to develop. Microsoft found no benefits in the H / PC field. Of course, Microsoft is rich and affordable, and will give you hundreds of millions of dollars to play in other fields. The Dreamcast mentioned earlier is an example. To this end, Microsoft has also developed a DirectX version of CE.

The most brilliant time of CE was 10 years after its birth. With the development of technology, the hardware and software technologies have gradually matured, and the hardware has become more and more powerful. At this time, in the competition with Palm, CE's stamina is gradually reflected, which is the advantage of latecomer. The most glorious moment was around 2005. I remember that Palm announced the use of CE-based Pocket PC system as its Palm device operating system. This undoubtedly announced the complete victory of CE and Palm in the 10-year anti-Japanese war. Pocket PC dominated the PDA market. I remember very clearly that Microsoft even proudly advertised Palm devices on its own website. It does n’t matter. Do n’t buy a Pocket PC. Buy Palm. Go anyway. It ’s all my system. Today, what kind of shock is this? You assume that Apple suddenly said that my Macbook Pro and Air will be pre-installed with Windows 8, and I do n’t need my own OS X. Then Microsoft ’s homepage advertisement, go Buy a Mac, it's so crazy.

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