China Mobile: 5 years will transition from 3G to 4G

According to people familiar with the matter, in an internal meeting, China Mobile has proposed that it will take five years to evolve TD-SCDMA to TD-LTE, so that China Mobile will fully transition to 4G.

At a cooperation signing ceremony with Datang Telecom Group on September 6, Wang Jianzhou was optimistic about the situation of the global TD-LTE industry chain. He said that many operators who received asymmetric frequency bands also almost As a follow-up direction of the LTE standard, Softbank of Japan has already constructed a TD-LTE commercial network in Tokyo. The new chairman of the American WiMAX operator Clearwire has proposed that WiMAX has no prospect and will transition to TD-LTE in the future.

He also said that the TD-LTE industry has made substantial progress, and domestic and foreign mainstream equipment manufacturers have launched pre-commercial products. 17 major domestic and foreign chip manufacturers including Qualcomm and Marvell have invested in TD-LTE chip development and multi-mode data cards The trial commercial level will be reached by the end of 2011, and the multimode chips and terminals are expected to reach the commercial level in the second half of 2012.

For TD-LTE, Wang Jianzhou once said, "If China Mobile gains a large enough scale in TD-LTE, it will greatly improve the market share of users with high ARPU values." But from a practical point of view, it is unrealistic for China Mobile to popularize TD-LTE nationwide within a year or two.

However, the most important thing is China Mobile's internal plan for TD-LTE. China Mobile has always proposed that it should transition to TD-LTE as soon as possible, but no one can say how fast this "despite" is, but people familiar with the matter said that China Mobile has proposed that it will last 5 years to evolve TD-SCDMA It is TD-LTE.

At the same time, China Mobile also hopes that TD-LTE will make a major breakthrough in terms of terminals in about three years.

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