What is a GPS system?

What is a GPS system?

1. What is a GPS system?
The GPS main system is a satellite system launched by the old and the United States, and it contains 27 satellites that can continuously send geographical location altitude and time signals. 24 satellites are in normal use and 3 are spares. . Generally speaking, the GPS receiver on the ground can receive 5-12 satellite signals, and in order to obtain the positioning coordinates on the ground, GPS navigation requires at least 4 satellite signals, three are used to determine the latitude and longitude of the GPS receiver And the altitude, the fourth provides synchronous correction time. The global positioning system consists of three parts:

Space satellite part: It is composed of 24 orbiting satellites, divided into six orbits, orbiting at an altitude of about 20200 kilometers, orbiting the earth for about 12 hours a week. Each satellite continuously emits radio waves carrying satellite orbit data and time, providing various receivers on the earth for application.
Ground control part: This is to track and control the operation of the above-mentioned satellites. The ground control station set up is mainly responsible for correcting and maintaining the parameter data of each satellite to maintain normal operation to ensure that each satellite can provide The correct message is received by the user receiver.
User receiver: Track all GPS satellites and calculate the coordinates, moving speed and time of the receiver's location in real time. Various Bluetooth GPSs belong to this part.
What we usually call GPS is part 3.

2. Is there a charge for GPS navigation?
There is no charge for PS signal.
Many people ask the question is how much GPS monthly rent, how much money per minute, can be monthly?
Do you listen to the radio with the radio, do you charge for the broadcast signal, do not charge. In fact, GPS, like broadcast signals, is free to use.
27 satellites in the United States send signals to the ground free of charge, you only need to have a GPS satellite signal receiver, you can receive satellite signals for free, and then cooperate with mobile phones equipped with navigation software, handheld computers, etc. to achieve positioning and navigation Function.

3. What equipment does a complete GPS navigation system contain?

A. GPS receivers are generally divided into the following types according to the interface:
â—Ž Wireless Bluetooth GPS, the current mainstream such as HAICOM 406, Nokia LD-3W, Navibe 731, etc. are mainly used in conjunction with Bluetooth PDAs and smart phones. ,
â—Ž USB interface GPS, mainly used with laptop computers.
â—Ž CF card interface GPS, mainly used with old PDA without Bluetooth function.
B. Map operation terminal equipment:
â—Ž PDA PDA, PPC system is the current mainstream of navigation, such as Dopod 818,828, HP's IPQ series, etc.
â—Ž S60 smartphones: mainly Nokia S60 system smartphones such as 7610, N70,
â—Ž Smartphones such as MXP220, Dopod 565, 585, etc.
â—Ž Notebook
C. Navigation software map software, generally divided into the following types according to operating system:
â—Ž PPC handheld computer system, mainly including Lingtu Skywalker 5, Kailide 2.0, Intercity Connect, MAPKING, OZI, this system currently has the most abundant software and most powerful functions.
â—Ž S60 system smart phones mainly include ROUTE66, Kelly, etc.
â—Ž Smartphone Smart phones, mainly including Kailide.
â—Ž PC system, mainly including Lingtu, intercity communication, etc.
D. What are the functions of GPS navigation system?
Map query:
â—Ž You can search the destination location you want to go on the operation terminal.
â—Ž You can record the location information of the places you often go to and keep it, and you can share the location information with others.
â—Ž Vaguely query your attachments or information such as gas stations, hotels, cash machines, etc. near a certain location,
â—Ž Notebook

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