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HP8714C Network Analyzer Frequency Range: 300KHz-1.3GHz
HP8714C network analyzer source output power: -60 ~ + 10dBm
HP8714C Network Analyzer System Dynamic Range: 100dBm
HP8714C Network Analyzer Test Port Connector: Type N (female)
HP8714C network analyzer remarks: integrated standard network, 50 ohm system impedance, with LAN function

The company's long-term cash acquisition: audio instruments, video instruments, high-frequency instruments (such as network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, high-frequency signal sources,
High-frequency instruments such as radio comprehensive testers)!

CSRME Safety Controller is developed for standard GB27607. By monitoring machine tool safety related equipment, the security of machine control system can meet the requirements of GB27607, and its security meets the requirements of ISO13849-1 (PLe) and IEC61508 (SIL3).

With rich interfaces, CSRME has limited programmable function. It can simultaneously replace many different types of safety control modules or safety PLCs, thus greatly simplifying the safety design of machine control systems and reducing cost.

Safety Controller

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