2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition & 5th Anniversary Celebration - Invitation from Fei Ge

Dear friends:

Please forgive Feige for not being able to write to you one-on-one, although Feige wants to remember how we met, met several times, made several phone calls, and even drank a few glasses of wine...

With a flick of a finger, five years of ignorance suddenly disappeared.

Four years ago, the Gaogong LED team drove a caravan and started the first stop of the "LED Illumination China" Long March, which was Xiamen. Fei Ge put the last stop of this year's tour deliberately in Xiamen, in order to make a commemoration, in order to thank the friends in Xiamen area for giving encouragement and support to Gaogong LED.

After the meeting, Guan Yuwei invited Fei Ge to travel to Xiamen Wuhu. It is unfavorable to think of a teacher in the same year. Feige went to various manufacturers to investigate in the daytime, and in the evening, he was hanging in the Chinese medicine hospital opposite the lake. I was worried about whether the impulse of the national tour would last until the end, but when dozens of cities ran down, they knew the meaning of persistence. This insistence comes from the incredible help and care of LED friends all over the country... At that time, Gaogong LED was an inexplicable unit, and Feige was a nameless generation. All the way LED, all the way, since then, high-tech LED is fearless, published more than 100 industry research reports, made three magazine monthly magazines, opened countless times of various conferences, also held two sessions that are not bad or bad... ... Of course, the most important LED friends have met, this is the most important. Because without these friends of you, the high-tech LED has already vanished.

This insistence also comes from how many bumps and bumps LED friends have experienced in the past, how much effort they have spent, how much sweat they have flown, and finally waited for the best spirit of LED.

In the past five years, Gaogong LED has been loved by friends, and it can only be counted in one piece. Fei Ge doesn't know how to return, just wants to do what he can to do on the fifth anniversary. Moved the original August exhibition to the same period as the high-tech LED conference before Thanksgiving, and also launched the industry precedent of “unsatisfactory, refund”; invited all the friends who have helped the high-tech LED to grow up, Recalling the past five years, looking forward to the blueprint for the next five years...etc., the purpose is to sincerely express some gratitude.

The presence of friends and the blessings are the most exciting expectations of Feige. Although I can't invite them all in person, I look forward to thank you in person.

You are always flying brother Zhang Xiaofei 2013/9/25 early morning

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