Samsung pushes OLED flexible screen smart machine or hoe

It is reported that Samsung will launch a limited edition Samsung GALAXY Note 3 with OLED flexible screen, and industry insiders say that the gimmick is more.

It is understood that it seems that every time Samsung releases a new flagship, we will hear some rumors about flexible displays. Such as Samsung GALAXY Note 2, Samsung GALAXY S4 and this time Samsung GALAXY Note 3, but in the end, the first two phones are equipped with a regular display, we have not seen the flexible screen officially used in these flagship models .

If the rumor is true, then why is the limited edition? According to industry insiders, there may be no breakthrough in technical problems. For electronic products, technology determines the cost. If the yield increases, the cost will naturally fall.

For example, Samsung’s OLED 55-inch TV was sold for about 50,000 yuan, while ordinary LCD TVs cost about 5,000 yuan. A brokerage researcher further believes that the OLED relative LED display itself is very expensive, plus flexibility. Bent, it should be more expensive, and consumers are very rational.

An analyst from Shanghai Securities denied this rumor. He thinks that the mobile phone is not equipped with a flexible screen. The Note3 screen size is less than 6 inches, and the size is small, unless the back cover, battery, chip and other complete machines are realized. Bend so that it makes sense for the user experience.

But mobile phones need to be imaged wearable smart watches. From a technical point of view, it is difficult to achieve mass production. He said that it may be that Samsung uses flexible concepts to advertise its products.

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