Advantages of Pu Xue kitchen appliances

The kitchen is a center of family life and a major source of pollution for the family. Kitchen appliances are the core components in the kitchen. I believe everyone is concerned about whether it is healthy, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. What brand of kitchen appliances is good ? What are the advantages of kitchen appliances joining ? Today, Xiaobian recommended for you to be a snow kitchen appliance, which will let the life bloom beautifully in the sun, let happiness extend in the kitchen, let Wealth is growing rapidly inadvertently ...

First, the brand advantage

The professional image established by Pu Xue brand for many years enjoys a high reputation in the hearts of consumers.

Second, manufacturing advantages

   Advanced equipment, high production capacity, rigorous production process and inspection synchronization

Third, product advantages

   Combining exquisite craftsmanship, quality materials, first-class quality and fashion design, we experience professional standards and provide quality living.

Fourth, design advantages

   Regardless of the structure or craftsmanship, every detail of the company's products is striving for perfection, adhering to the design paradigm to meet the needs of more consumers.

Fifth, marketing advantages

   Strong brand, price advantage, good brand image, pre-opening headquarters to send experts to cooperate with market research and store selection, sample cabinet design and decoration complete program, marketing planning and tracking guidance.

Sixth, training advantages

   Pu Xue has a perfect training system. The professional trainers who have hired many years of industry experience can provide free product expertise, personnel skills and other aspects of training and management materials support for the franchise franchise stores. Master the relevant professional guidance and skills during the time to help franchisees enter the formal business track as soon as possible.

Seven, advertising advantages

   The headquarters provides free advertising design solutions and related promotional programs, and regards the franchisee's sales and the same proportion of advertising support.

Eight, help advantage

  Responsible for the new store preliminary market research and planning opening activities, help the store to propose a sustainable profit model, storefront operations encounter bottlenecks, through marketing diagnosis, analysis to find a viable market solution, and in the store to provide comprehensive assistance, Improve the core competitiveness of the store.

Nine, service advantages

   The service is humanized, scientific, systematic, and sincerely treats each customer, providing a complete service and future service, striving to improve their experience and create value for customers.

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Din-rail Power Supply


din rail power supply, it include 12v din rail power supply and din rail ups

din rail power supply have 36W and 60W, din rail ups with 7AH battery.

Being available for charging battery




Wide input range: 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

Easy for the installation and can move in the rail follow CCTV when working

Cooling by free air convection

LED indicator for power on

Protection: short circuit, over current, overload, over voltage.

Efficiency 85%

100% full load burn-in test

3 years warranty

Product application:

Suitable for home automation, CCTV, security camera and led lighting

Din-Rail Power Supply

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