Charging tips using mobile power

Charging tips using mobile power The rise of mobile power in 2012 is a new type of digital power supply. Its arrival has indeed made it possible for most users and friends who like to live in the digital world to solve the phenomenon that the current smartphone battery is not powerless. At the same time, as the concept of mobile power is becoming more and more widespread, more and more users are using Apple's mobile power. . Although this small mobile power source seems to be very simple in some users' eyes, it is not so. Charging does not pay attention to skill, and it easily causes damage to the mobile power supply and the mobile phone. Today, we will explain the skills of using mobile power.

First, the use of high-quality charging data line: bad charging line material, charging line resistance is greater or the current is too large, it will lose and affect the mobile power charging efficiency. In general, users can use the original charging line of a mobile phone or tablet to connect to a mobile power source for charging. If you need to carry when traveling, then you must use high-quality portable charging cable and adapter.

Second, if the mobile power is not used for a long time, the power should not be too much when stored. According to test data, when the lithium battery is not stored for a long time, we should keep the power at about 50%. After long-term storage, the lithium battery is not good for the battery. This is true whether the mobile phone battery is still a mobile power supply.

Third, accurate selection of charging interface is very important: At present, many mobile phone mobile power supply has two or more charging interfaces, try to use the closest charging interface of the mobile phone or tablet computer to charge, not only can quickly complete the charging, And will not affect the use of power.

Fourth, should not be exhausted after the mobile power supply to charge: In the daily life of mobile power below 25% power indicator light will turn red. In spite of the booster circuit assist, the charging efficiency is reduced due to the drop in the voltage of the lithium cell core, so as to avoid unnecessary damage. In this case, the mobile power source should be charged in a timely manner instead of continuing to use it until the power is exhausted. This also applies to the mobile phone battery. (If the forcible battery is used up and not charged in time, there will be problems for a long time that will make it impossible to charge the battery and the characteristics of the lithium battery.). In addition, because the mobile power has almost no memory effect, it can be used with the charge, if necessary, even if there is no low power tips can still be charged, do not have to worry about the battery will cause adverse effects.

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