Three major problems in the application of LED street lights

At present, China's LED lighting industry is entering a period of independent innovation and achieving a leap-forward development. The application of LED street lamps has been expanding, but LED street lamps have encountered some problems in application practice. The whole country has become a testing ground for LED street lamps. Some products have no scientific and technological content, and low-level repeated construction. There are some problems in the application of LED street lamps to be solved.
High price
At present, the cost of LED street lamps is much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps. The price of an LED street lamp is 3,000-5,000 yuan or even higher, and the price of a set of imported high-pressure sodium lamps (including lamps and complete sets of electrical appliances) does not exceed 1,500 yuan. As far as the status quo is concerned, LED Street Lights are obviously too expensive, and the price is 2 to 5 times that of high-pressure sodium lamps. Therefore, even if the power consumption of the LED street lamp is only one-half of that of the high-pressure sodium lamp, since the price is much higher than that of the high-pressure sodium lamp, the cost recovery cycle of replacing the high-pressure sodium lamp with the LED street lamp is still very long.
Therefore, Led Street Lights should be officially promoted in the road lighting market, and the price and cost are still the biggest obstacles. To reduce the price of LED street lights to the price of existing lamps, the cost of each manufacturer needs to be reduced. In the near future, only under the premise of continuous maturity of LED technology and continuous improvement of luminous efficiency, LEDs have the advantages of life and energy saving to compensate for the disadvantages of lamp prices.
2. Domestic light source can not meet market demand
The development of domestic LED light sources started relatively late in foreign countries, and the technical level still has a certain distance from the international leading players. At present, the luminous efficiency of imported light sources such as Cree, Nichia and Osram is generally more than 100 lm/W. Although the domestic industry has continuously invested heavily in the development of LED light source technology, the technical level has been continuously improved, but the light efficiency is still in the development process from 30lm/W to 60lm/W to 100lm/W, regardless of 'quality' and 'quantity'. On, domestic LED light sources are far from meeting market demand.
When the domestic LED light source PN junction works at normal temperature, although the theoretical life can reach 100,000 hours, the heat dissipation problem cannot be completely and effectively solved, so that its actual life is greatly reduced, and the light decay (life) problem of LED street lamps has also become One of the key issues that restrict its widespread use in streetlights. At present, there is no experience in the service life of LED street lamps. Many manufacturers using domestic LED light sources can claim a life of 50,000 to 60,000 hours, but there is no actual application data or laboratory test data to support them. In actual application, some manufacturers Due to the large light decay, a large number of 'dead lights' phenomenon appeared in a short period of time, causing serious damage to the reputation of LED street lights.
3. The power system is unstable
LED driver power supply instability is the industry consensus, in fact it is dragging the LED lighting industry hind legs, because the drive power is an important part of the LED street light, its failure will lead to the failure of the whole lamp. Due to the harsh environment of outdoor work, the life of some components of the power supply becomes the bottleneck of the life of the driving power source or even the entire street lamp.
The poor reliability of the power supply may cause the installed street lamp to be broken in a short time. This is difficult for the outdoor high-rise device such as the LED street lamp, and the maintenance is more difficult. For the street lamp manufacturer, the unstable power supply makes the maintenance cost. Climb up. Therefore, the quality of high-power LED street lamp driving power supply has become a short board that hinders the development of high-power LED street lamps.

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