Accumulated 3 months of monthly revenue increase of 35% Estimated Q2 revenue increased by 20%

The LED driver IC factory was accumulating goods from the London Olympics, and the LED market conditions were tropical. The March revenue increased by 35% to NT$203 million, an increase of 22.34%, marking the second-highest monthly record in revenue. Accumulated first-quarter revenue was NT$506 million, which was affected by the off-season effect, which was 11.23% lower, but still increased by 29.47%.

Accumulation shows that the current order visibility is about two months, and from the point of view of the orders, the second quarter revenue will grow again than the first quarter. The legal person estimates that the second quarter revenue will be expected to increase by 15-20%. The legal person pointed out that with the rebound of LED large billboard demand and the London Olympic effect, it is expected that the LED display market demand will grow by 20% this year, driving the increase in the accumulation of LED driver ICs; and the accumulation of LED power bulb modules. The new products will also be shipped in small quantities in the second quarter, and the second quarter results are expected to support.

Looking forward to the third quarter, the legal person is also optimistic. As the countries banned the incandescent lamp policy, the demand for LED bulbs will increase. The new products that accumulate LED power bulb modules will begin to increase in volume, and the growth in the third quarter will not decline.

The accumulation product portfolio is dominated by LED driver ICs, accounting for 90% of the total revenue. This part of the gross profit is high, up to 38%, and one of them becomes a non-display driver IC. As for the other 10%, it is a power module for LED lighting. The gross profit of this part is relatively low, about 10-15%.

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