Dazhongan Xinjie's shop-opening idea: The shop doesn't have to be big

Dazhongan Xinjie's shop-opening idea: The shop doesn't have to be big In the past few days, the Gome Group has made frequent adjustments in personnel. This “reform to the capillaries,” of course, also includes its important component, Dazhong Electric. Yesterday (March 8th), An Xinjie, the new general manager of Dazhong Electric, held a simple media communication meeting in Beijing. The leader who is called “a new generation of young talents” by Gome’s headquarters will bring about different ways. It is worth looking forward to.

From the resume of An Xinjie, he can see his rich experience in home appliance chain business. Since joining Gome in 2002, An Xinjie has served in the business system for more than seven years. He has served as the head of digital department of Gome headquarters and deputy director of the headquarters 3C business center. , deputy director of the headquarters of the home appliance business center, two years branch experience, has worked as the assistant to the general manager of Hong Kong Gome.

The new coach with rich practical experience also explained to reporters his own different business ideas. An Xinjie said that as the old home appliance chain of the capital, Dazhong Electric will continue to serve the people of Beijing. This year, it will further expand the secondary cities and upgrade the quality of single stores. It is expected that the number of stores will increase from 63 to nearly 100 in 2 years.

However, in the glory of Beijing's hinterland where Gome and Suning are all concerned, the competition is fierce. The density of stores is also quite saturated. How can we open nearly 40 stores within two years? An Xinjie told reporters that the newly opened stores do not necessarily represent big stores, and have multiple stores, such as area, sales, and regional markets, adjusting the types of stores from the original 7 to 11 in order to adapt to different external environments. .

According to the layout of the current large and medium-sized stores in the capital and plans for future strategic considerations, Dazhong Electric will adopt the idea of ​​“gradually opening stores and gradually expanding” in the same way as big stores in the city center and the convenience of the neighboring residents.

Dazhong Electric's current stores have formed a network covering the core business districts, intermodal transportation hubs, and around the Second Ring Road, the Third Ring Road, and the Fourth Ring Road.

“China Tower is the most typical representative of Dazhong Electric, but in the eastern and northern regions, Dazhong still lacks a superstore with appeal,” An Xinjie said. In the next five years, Dazhong Electric’s new store in downtown Beijing will Based on the strategy of large stores, timely replicating 1 to 2 Zhongta Model Shops in the eastern, southern, and northern regions, which will complement each other with the current China Tower New Living Hall and Lishuiqiao South Store, forming an azimuth pattern. This kind of boutique stores mainly focuses on new exotic products, and the categories tend to be large and full.

The other one is to use the mode of near-distance business circle replacement and expansion of rent, and gradually expand the existing store area, improve the hardware level of the store, and open some “Chang-pian shops” in due course. An Xinjie explained that Changping Store is a collection of the best quality brands and products, but it does not have a large area, but it can achieve more comprehensive network coverage. On the other hand, due to the lower cost of its property and manpower services, it will achieve good results.

At the same time, it will implement a network encryption strategy for surrounding stores, and develop suburban strategic stores based on urban planning. The reporter was informed that apart from the currently-entered Yanjiao, Fuping and Sanhe areas, it will soon be fully hosted in Langfang in October. An Xinjie told reporters that in the future, Dazhong Electronics stores will be seen in more places north of the Yangtze River, and by 2016, more than 95% of the county-level cities in the Bohai Rim area will be covered. (Reporter / Li Dena)

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