Belgian chemical companies develop flexible OLED lighting panels with luminous efficiencies of 30 lm/W

The Belgian chemical company Solvay and the Dutch research institute Holst Centre announced that the flexible lighting OLED panel jointly developed by the two parties achieved a luminous efficiency of 30 lm/W with a brightness of 1000 cd/m2. The panel area is large, reaching 69cm2.

Solvay said that the OLED panel was realized by forming multiple layers on the flexible substrate produced by Teijin DuPont Film Company through printing technology.

The component construction design of this product is the responsibility of Solvay. Organic semiconductor materials other than hole injection layer (HIL) materials were also developed by Solvay. HIL uses Plexcore OC, a conductive organic material from Plextronics, a US organic thin film solar cell manufacturer. Holst Centre offers transparent electrode and encapsulation technology.

Although OLED components also have a luminous efficiency of up to 128 lm / W, the size can only be 2 mm square. The luminous efficiency of a large panel prototype of a certain size or more is generally 50 to 60 lm/W, and it is lowered to 10 to 45 lm/W after actually forming a panel product. However, these prototypes and products use a glass substrate instead of a flexible substrate.

Previously, OLED components manufactured using flexible substrates have been jointly developed by General Electric (GE) and Konica Minolta. The luminous efficiency is 56 lm/W, and the product developed by Universal Display Technology (UDC) has a size of 15 cm square. The efficiency is 58 lm / W.

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