Wolfson launches the world's first audio system-on-chip (Audio SoC)

21ic News Wolfson Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has announced the world's first audio system-on-a-chip, the WM5100, which integrates a high-performance, low-power, multi-channel audio hub (Audio Hub) with a complete transmission path (Tx) Noise cancellation, receive path (Rx) noise cancellation, and Wolfson's leading myZoneTM auto-adaptive ambient noise cancellation technology (ANC).

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Designed for mobile phones and tablets, this pioneering solution enables Wolfson's high-definition (HD) audio performance to deliver the ultimate user experience while significantly increasing the calling and receiving side of the phone. Speech intelligibility. Characterized by its innovative technology, the WM5100 makes it possible for the first time to make and receive clear and transparent voice calls in highly noisy environments.

This innovative multi-channel audio system-on-chip features a multi-core programmable digital signal processor (DSP) for audio processing that supports simultaneous synchronization of multiple application scenarios and sound enhancement algorithms, noise cancellation algorithms, and on a single chip. Ou Sheng's unique, industry-leading ANC technology combines to bring energy to the overall user experience.

Critical to consumer electronics manufacturers: The WM5100 integrates all of these features into one device, resulting in a reduction in material cost and board area. Its modular architecture, software compatibility, and transparency to different operating systems also enable faster implementation of its design applications, ensuring faster time-to-market for new system products with the device. The WM5100 can also bring additional benefits to network operators by increasing its revenue. This solution allows mobile phone users to reduce the number of calls that can be terminated due to answering problems in noisy environments.

While delivering significant improvements in voice call quality, the WM5100 also features full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology, which ensures clear, transparent natural voice conversations in hands-free and speaker modes. With environmental noise suppression, 5.1 virtual surround sound, and enhanced digital recording, the WM5100 also enables high-definition audio capture and playback, ensuring audio quality for mobile phones, tablets and other handheld multimedia devices, while maintaining video and image quality. match.

Duncan Macadie, product line manager for Wolfson Microelectronics Audio Center, said: "As audio devices in mobile phones and tablets are increasingly separated from application processors, the demand for stand-alone audio system-on-chips is increasing. Winning the trend with the WM5100; it is the world's first audio system-on-a-chip that combines a full transmit path, receive path and adaptive ambient noise cancellation technology with acoustic echo cancellation technology."

"The WM5100 combines the latest low-power audio hubs, digital signal processors, noise cancellation and echo cancellation technologies to dramatically improve the quality of audio recording and playback and significantly extend battery life while addressing the mobile phone industry. An important question: to ensure that users can make or receive calls that are equally highly distinguishable, whether in a quiet room or in a noisy environment,” adds Duncan.


The WM5100 will be available in the late third quarter and will be available in a 155-ball CSP package.

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