British hospital's first "robot nurse"

Currently, the UK will use " robot nurses" for the first time, allowing them to complete some of the hospital's service work, so that nurses have more energy to care for patients.

"Robot Nurse" can perform a variety of tasks, such as: delivery of drugs, food, linen and laboratory samples to the ward, and removal of garbage. Patients cannot be treated by these robots and should be completed by medical staff. They will be used to deliver items between hospital departments, which is a time-consuming task in large hospitals, leaving nurses with a lot of work time.

Peter Seiff, Aethon medical device manufacturer, is the maker of "robot nurses." He now named the robot "TUGs," he said. "The nurses need to do a lot of work in the hospital, they have become Scarce human resources, and our newly developed TUGs robot can solve this problem. Research shows that disruption in medical work often leads to errors, such as: busy work will make the nurse forget the time and number of times the patient takes medicine. Nurses will save nurses' working hours and make their work more effective."

It is reported that according to the division of labor of the robot has a corresponding size, usually it looks like a "metal box" on the wheel, about 1 meter high, they use different sizes of carts, for example: a robot handling garbage needs a Largeer containers, while robots responsible for drug handling require a safety box.

Through the prepared floor plan program, the robot can identify each channel in the hospital. These robots also feature scanning technology and cameras that create electronic images or “path memories” that help them run freely in hospital corridors, through doors and obstacles in various departments.

Each robotic nurse is within the surveillance of manufacturer Aethon and will be informed once they are in trouble. The hospital can choose 2-19 robot nurses according to different situations.

Food Processor 11 In 1

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