Longteng Group unveiled Guangya Exhibition to build LED lighting brand

[High-tech LED News] Gaogong LED reporter learned from the site of this Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition that Longteng Lighting Group exhibited a series of outdoor lighting products, including road lighting products from 54W to 189W, which can be used for main roads, secondary trunk roads, etc. Outdoor lighting.

According to Longteng Company, this series of products uses its own patented heat dissipation technology, which can effectively control the working temperature, further improve the light efficiency and prolong the service life, and at the same time, excellent light distribution can achieve good illumination uniformity and anti-glare requirements.

Peng Guangyuan, assistant to the company's chairman, told Gaogong LED reporter that Longteng has more than 10 years of development history in the field of lighting. The company has successfully developed high-power LED street lights, LED landscape lighting, LED indoor lighting, etc. in cooperation with domestic research institutes. More than 200 products. At present, the group has two manufacturing bases for outdoor poles and LED lamps.

He further pointed out that Longteng Lighting is also a authorized enterprise of "National Lighting Construction Level 1 Qualification", "National Lighting Design Grade A Qualification", and "Civil Airport Special Equipment Use License". In the future, the company will focus on building LED lighting brands and become a mainstream LED lighting company in China.

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