Nanhai is committed to building an LED regional brand to build an 800-acre LED exhibition base

[High-tech LED News] Liu Zongyang, director of Luocun Sub-district Office, revealed to Gaogong LED reporter that Nanhai LED industry will build its own regional brand with a larger platform. He further pointed out that the South China Sea is about to build a high-end exhibition base with an area of ​​nearly 800 acres. The project will be located in the second phase of South China (International) Electric Light Source Lighting City. The exhibition base will be equipped with functions such as business high-end hotels and multi-functional conference rooms to hold international Industry exhibition. At present, the exhibition base has entered the stage of preliminary planning and negotiation.

According to reports, the South China Sea will develop the LED industry in the future with the Nanhai Economic Development Zone. At present, Nanhai Economic Development Zone has three epitaxial chip projects, including Guoxing Optoelectronics, Qi Li Optoelectronics and Xurui Optoelectronics. The former two are located in the core park of Luoyuan Guangdong New Light Industry Base. After the three projects are put into production, Nanhai will reach a total of nearly 150 MOCVD production lines and corresponding chip production equipment. By 2013, the output value of the LED industry in Luocun is expected to reach 20 billion yuan.

Gaogong LED reporter learned from this Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition that nearly 50 light source companies participated in the South China Sea. Among them, 22 companies including Guangdong Zhaoxin Lighting Co., Ltd. and Foshan Nanhai Kegu Power Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition. The museum “collectively participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition area reached 1055 square meters, setting the highest number of exhibitors in the district.

Yuhai Company develop and produce of various hemisphere, electrode and metallisation configurations. This range is fabricated from various  piezoelectric material formulations for applications such as  high power, sensitivity, stability needs. 


  •       Choice of metallisation (Silver, Nickel, Gold and others on request)
  •       Thickness frequency tuning available on request
  •       Wide choice of PZT formulations

Applications include

  •        Sonar transducers
  •        Hydrophones
  •        HIFU medical and industrial
  •        Underwater communications

Dimension range

Diameter          6-160mm                                                                            
Wall thickness             1-10mm

Pzt Piezoelectric Hemisphere

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