Guangzhou City plans to invest no more than 150 million yuan to upgrade the Pearl River night lighting

[High-tech LED News] Guangzhou City has decided to invest no more than 150 million yuan to build a bright project on both sides of the Pearl River, mainly around Haixinsha and Baietan, to further improve the night lights of the Pearl River after the Asian Games.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Construction Committee, last year, in order to cooperate with the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games, about 800 searchlights around the Haixinsha including the Liede Bridge, Yuejiang Road, Guangzhou Bridge and Linjiang Avenue were temporarily rented. After the Asian Games, it was dismantled.

The government hopes to build some permanent landscape lighting, enhance the nightscape of the new central axis and Haixinsha, and maintain the nightscape lighting features of this area after the Asian Games, but it must be different from the lights during the Asian Games.

In addition, the government wants to build a large LED display screen about 15 meters high and 350-400 meters wide in the vicinity of Chau Tau Tsui in the Baietan area. It is mainly used to broadcast public welfare advertisements, and can also play commercial advertisements properly. The project will be carried out by the city. Investment group to build.

It is understood that the Haixinsha and Baietan project projects are currently in the design bidding stage. The 150 million yuan is only the investment ceiling. The follow-up government will adjust according to the budget proposal of the winning bidding scheme, and will also increase or decrease some projects.

The person in charge further pointed out that the government is still studying whether to add some bright projects near Ersha Island. The specific plans are not fixed and need to be reported to the municipal government for approval.

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