LED guardrail tube reliability problem and its solution [experience exchange]

I. Overview

LED lighting is getting more and more sought after by the market. Now the city's lighting project has basically eliminated the neon lights and used LED lights to make them. The application of guardrail tubes is particularly extensive.

However, since the birth of the self-defense tube, there have been various quality problems. In addition to the low-cost bidding strategy of the government and other owners, the producer lacks a system on the basis of component selection and circuit design. The understanding does not solve the quality problem of the guardrail tube in theory and practice, and also lacks a strict supervision system for good construction and acceptance. The practitioners do not pay attention to development, and only low-price competition leads to the widespread quality of the barrier pipe in the market. Inferior, seriously ruined the reputation of the LED guardrail tube.

At present, the vast majority of LED guardrail tube manufacturers in China have accumulated too little experience. The lack of investment in research and development is an important factor, and many of them are in the rough of home workshops. This article will introduce the reliability problems of guardrail tubes and the solutions to these problems from several aspects. I hope to provide some valuable reference and reference for the guard pipe manufacturers, lighting engineering companies and owners, and reverse the LED guardrail tubes. The bad impression reshapes its good real image.

Second, the use of guardrail tube

LED guardrail lights are widely used in overpasses, rivers, highways, gardens, building outlines, large advertising signs, pedestrian bridges, dance halls, bars, karaoke halls, etc., which are ideal for beautifying the urban environment. The length of the guardrail tube is generally determined according to the requirements of the user.

Third, the technical parameters of the guardrail tube

LED guardrail lights are available in monochrome, two-color, and colorful colors. They can be controlled by microcomputer or circuit to achieve various colorful changes such as gradation, jump, color flicker, random flicker, gradual alternation, running chase, and fixed color. The running parameters of each pattern can be independently configured, the automatic running mode can be edited, and the specified pattern can be selected. It can simultaneously control the lighting of dozens to thousands of LED guardrail tubes, automatically store setting parameters, and reload preset parameters. The number of LEDs in a general guardrail tube is: 96/108/144. At present, the shape is mainly D-shaped tube. Use voltage: DC 12V/24V/36V and AC 220V.

Fourth, the choice of guardrail tube components

1, light beads:

LED beads are definitely the most important device in the guardrail tube and are also of the highest value. LED beads must be selected from regular manufacturers. In our experience, chips with 12 micron or more are definitely better than 9 micron chips. This is mainly because the heat dissipation is better, and the light attenuation and reliability are much better, but the average user cannot detect it. .

2, power supply:

There are two ways to supply the guardrail tube: high voltage of 220V and low voltage of 48V or less. Direct 220V power supply is a dangerous and uneconomical way. The low quality method is to supply the voltage after the voltage is reduced by capacitors or resistors. This approach is first of all a big problem with security; secondly, it is too power-hungry and has great damage to the power grid. The power supply department is firmly opposed. We have encountered multiple instances, LEDs are indeed power-saving but they are produced but consume a lot of power. For example, a bridge in Yibin, Sichuan requires more than 1,000 meters of guardrail pipes. Some people install electricity after low-cost supply. In less than half an hour, the power supply line of the whole city is almost collapsed. The power supply bureau is forced to power off the entire line. The technicians were invited to the site to help analyze the cause and found that each guardrail tube used a 2.2μ capacitor, and its power consumption exceeded 38 watts, and the power consumption of the previously reported LED was more than 5 watts. many.

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