How to buy a safe hot pot base for a healthy diet?

In the winter, many people prefer to eat hot pot. However, if the hot pot bottom material is not properly selected, it may cause harm to the body. How to scientifically buy hot pot bottom material, can you rest assured? Go to the hot pot restaurant to eat hot pot, you need to carefully distinguish the pros and cons of hot pot soup. How to identify the "feeding" hot pot? In general, the flavor of the hot pot is naturally scattered.

About Eiw Enameled Aluminium Wire


   Class 180 thin insulation thickness of polyester -imide aluminum round wire

Packaging Details cartons for outer packing, reels with enameled wire inside, paper outside the reels. we also can pack the goods according to the requirements of the clients . 

  250*500/250*600/250*400 wooden spools.

Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire

EIW Enameled Aluminium Wire

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