Develop technology blue ocean microwave oven industry or rational return

When it comes to the microwave oven industry, perhaps most people in the industry will be embarrassed because it used to be a battlefield filled with smoke, and the price of the product has been staged in the market. However, along with the official implementation of the microwave energy efficiency national standards, and the implementation of the microwave energy efficiency labeling system since March 1 this year, some companies have launched a series of technological innovation products, and various indications may indicate that the company has taken development eyes to the next piece. Blue Ocean, the market price of microwave ovens may be quietly changed.

Pioneering the blue ocean

On December 1, 2010, the microwave oven industry's first product energy efficiency standard - "Household and similar microwave oven energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" national standard was officially implemented, the standard microwave oven products according to energy efficiency level is divided into 5 levels, including 1 The grade product is the most energy-saving product, the efficiency value needs to reach 62%; the grade 2 or higher product is energy-saving product, the efficiency value needs to reach 60%; the grade 5 product belongs to high energy-consuming products, and the microwave oven that does not reach level 5 energy efficiency will be banned from production. And sales.

If the release of microwave oven energy efficiency standards is guided by the constraints and development direction of the entire industry competition order from the national regulatory level, then the next series of measures of microwave oven enterprises reflect the adjustment of the company's own development strategy and technological innovation. Develop a guiding idea for the next blue ocean.

Galanz and Midea are the “doubles” in the microwave oven industry. The two companies account for nearly 90% of the microwave oven market. The actions of the two companies have a great impact on the entire microwave oven industry. In September 2010, Galanz launched a convection oven that achieves a first-class energy efficiency level. The product has improved the energy-saving effect of the product through the application of a new generation of magnetrons, DC fan energy saving, and intelligent control of sleep, and also opened up for the industry. New competition model. After that, in the month when the energy efficiency standard of microwave ovens was implemented, Galanz and Midea had set off a new round of energy-saving revolution, transplanting the frequency conversion technology previously applied on the mains to the microwave oven, and reopening ideas for microwave oven energy conservation.

In addition to energy saving, intelligent and multi-functional has also become a trend leading the development of the microwave oven industry. Early microwave oven products had a single heating function. In the following years, a series of microwave ovens with steaming, boiling, stewing and roasting functions for domestic cooking habits were introduced to the market, which solved the difficult problem of the microwave oven and rapidly expanded the popularity of microwave ovens. Recently, Galanz has released a microwave oven called UOVO, which has subverted the traditional design concept with an upward-opening circular structure, and its energy-efficient and intelligent design will be the future development of microwave oven technology. To promote the role of the wave.

Industry or rational return

In recent years, the size of China's microwave oven market has continued to expand, and the annual output of microwave ovens has also increased. Now it has exceeded 60 million units. However, looking at the competition model of the domestic microwave oven industry, the market has been changing at a low price for a long time, and even on the track of losing money, the long-term price war has caused great damage to the entire industry.

In this regard, some analysts believe that the price war of killing 10,000 self-damaged three thousand has slammed the strength of enterprise development, which is not conducive to the overall improvement of the industry. Under the background of the continuous adjustment of the structure of the home appliance industry, enterprises need to continuously break through the shackles of their own development, and upgrade the technology, increase the added value of products, and improve the brand effect of products as a powerful means to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

From March 1 this year, microwave oven products sold on the market must be marked with energy efficiency labels, and microwave oven products with energy efficiency levels below 5 will be banned from production and sales. The industry believes that after the improvement of the energy efficiency threshold, the producers' production technology level and product energy conservation level are put forward higher requirements, which has positive significance for improving product quality and regulating market competition order.

The "12th Five-Year Plan" proposal of the household appliance industry proposes that in the next 10 years, China's home appliance industry will move from a large home appliance country to a home appliance powerhouse. The transformation and upgrading is a key task facing the home appliance industry.

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