Inadvertent use of the induction cooker will explode and keep in mind eight points of prevention

Not long ago, Ms. Liu from Beijing used to heat the walnut dew on the induction cooker for two years. I didn’t expect the induction cooker to explode suddenly. Fortunately, there was no one around, and then it was unimaginable. At the moment, it is a good time to eat the shabu-shabu. The frequency of use of the induction cooker is also high. This is the heart of the induction cooker. Is it used or not?

In fact, in the case of normal use, the possibility of explosion of the induction cooker is negligible, and only the improper use of the induction cooker may cause the explosion. Therefore, we must pay more attention when using.

● The induction cooker must be cleaned and inspected after being “on the job”.

The induction cooker must be cleaned before it is put on the job. During the cleaning process, the induction cooker cannot be washed in water or directly washed with water. It is not allowed to use solvent or gasoline to clean the furnace surface or the furnace body. Nor can it be wiped with a hard tool such as metal brush or abrasive cloth. For dirt, it is best to wipe the surface with a wrung rag.

If there is oil on the surface, wipe it with a rag with detergent or toothpaste. In addition, some insecticides may be sprayed around the induction cooker depending on the situation to avoid short circuit caused by drilling into the whole machine.

After cleaning, check the power supply of the induction cooker. The main point of inspection is to see if the wire is damaged or bitten by a mouse or a pet at home. If it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

● When using the induction cooker, pay attention to eight aspects.

1, the power cord should meet the requirements

Due to the high power of the induction cooker, when the power cord is configured, the copper core wire capable of withstanding 15A current should be selected, and the sockets, plugs, switches, etc. used in conjunction should also meet this requirement. Otherwise, the large current during the operation of the induction cooker will cause the wires, sockets, etc. to heat up or burn out. Also, if possible, it is best to install a fuse box at the power cord outlet to ensure safety.

2, the placement should be flat

Place the table top of the induction cooker to be flat, especially when eating hot pot on the table. If the table top is not flat, so that one foot of the induction cooker is suspended, the gravity of the pot will force the furnace body to be deformed or even damaged. In addition, if the table top has a slope, when the induction cooker heats the pot, the micro-shock generated by the pot will easily cause the pot to slip out and be dangerous.

3, to ensure that the air hole is smooth

The induction cooker at work heats up as the pot heats up. therefore. When placing the induction cooker in the kitchen, ensure that there are no objects blocking the inlet and exhaust holes of the furnace. Do not pad (heap) on the side and bottom of the furnace body to place objects and liquids that may damage the induction cooker. Need to be reminded that when the induction cooker finds that its built-in fan does not turn during work, it should be immediately deactivated and repaired in time.

4, the pot should not be too heavy

Induction cooker is different from brick or iron and other materials. The load capacity is limited. Generally, the food should not exceed 5 kg, and the bottom of the cookware should not be too small, so that the pressure of the cooker is pressed. The power is not too heavy and too concentrated. In case you need to heat the overweight and oversized pan, you should set up a support frame for the pan and then insert the cooker into the bottom of the pan.

5, clean the stove to get the law

Induction cookers, like other electrical appliances, should be waterproof and moisture-proof during use, and avoid contact with harmful liquids. How to clean them has just been mentioned. Do not use cold water to wipe the furnace surface that is being used or just used.

In order to avoid the oil stain contaminating the furnace surface or the furnace body and reduce the cleaning workload of the induction cooker, when using the induction cooker, a paper slightly larger than the furnace surface, such as a waste newspaper, can be placed on the furnace surface to absorb the overflow and overflow of the cookware. The water, oil and other contaminants can be discarded after use.

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