Do you know the new concept inverter microwave oven?

New concepts are available every day, especially this year. Near the end of the year, the products began to shake the flag. Among the many new concepts, some may become the leader of the future generation of household appliances, and some may be eliminated by the market into a cloud. Recently, the reporters have consulted the relevant experts of Industry and Trade Appliances, Gome, and Suning Appliance. Let's study new products together and see which ones are worth buying. What are clouds?

New word explanation: It is a general term for laundry functions such as quick wash, 3D washing, and outdoor washing. The washing machine with these functions completely subverts the understanding and understanding of the traditional washing machine, and can realize the personalized washing needs of ultra-fast washing for ten minutes, all-purpose washing of shoes and bags, outdoor washing of outdoor clothes and outdoor products.

Consumption prospects Currently, most of the individual washing functions are relatively simple and only appear on certain washing machines. In the future, it is expected that there will be a versatile washing machine capable of coping with various washing functions. In addition, in addition to the personality washing function that has already appeared, there may be more laundry functions.

The new word explanation: the non-flashing 3D TV is relative to the first generation active shutter type 3D TV. The 3D TV with the new polarized light 3D technology solves the flickering phenomenon of the 3D video effect in principle, and greatly reduces the The chance of viewers' visual fatigue is therefore called the non-flash 3D TV.

Consumption prospects There are two more mature 3D technologies currently on the market – active shutter 3D and polarized 3D. The ups and downs of the two technologies are more like the battle between plasma and LCD that was once staged in the flat-panel TV market. If the active shutter 3D TV can not achieve technical improvement and breakthrough in the short term, 2011 is likely to be the world of polarized 3D TV.

Explanation of new words: This kind of air conditioner has a function of “except formaldehyde mode”, which uses international advanced formaldehyde decomposition technology and module integration technology to instantly decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide at room temperature. No harm to the human body, environmental protection and safety.

Consumers' prospects for “air-purifying air conditioners” have long been on the market, but the standards that measure their effectiveness have been vague, so they are more like a concept of spending money for most consumers. If the air conditioner can adjust the indoor air temperature by cooling and heating, and at the same time improve the indoor air quality, it will get good market feedback.

New word explanation: Frequency conversion technology can save more than 20% of electricity by using microwave ovens by improving the efficiency of the power supply and reducing the power consumption during standby. Even when steaming, slow simmering, and warming, you don't have to worry about electricity. The variable frequency grill microwave oven can simultaneously use the microwave and grill function, which greatly shortens the cooking time.

Consumption prospects Although the price of inverter microwave ovens is still high, some major components are still dependent on imports. However, with the continuous maturity of core technologies, many domestic brands have begun to introduce self-developed inverter microwave ovens, and within a year or two, it is expected Leading to the climax of inverter microwave ovens.

Explanation of the new words: The so-called vacuum zero-preservation is to keep the air in the vacuum zero-preservation room while keeping the temperature at zero, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of aerobic bacteria in the food, better maintain the nutritional color of the food, and keep the fresh-keeping effect longer.

Consumption prospects As the most advanced technology at present, vacuum zero-preservation has achieved civilian popularity both in terms of freshness preservation effect and preservation cost. Fresh-keeping refrigerators will be further popularized and prices will be reduced.

New word explanation: Smart TV can be understood as a full-open platform like a smart phone. Users can install and uninstall software, games and other third-party service providers to provide programs for continuous use of color TV. Expanded, and can be used to surf the Internet through a network cable or wireless network.

1.  Display, touch screen, PC system integration slim design 

2.  Using the projected capacitive screen, supports 10 point touch, handwriting and multi-point gesture;;

3.  Pure flat , Aluminum alloy + sheet metal structure ;

4. Flexible configuration, with many options of different RAM/SSD/HDD, supports OS of Android/windows/Linux etc.

5.  High safety; Stable performance:

6.  Simple installation for embedded/desktop/wall mounting

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