Pascal drive small subwoofer design

In today's HI-FI fever coils, the “quality” and “quantity” subwoofer systems have become an object of “hard work” for enthusiasts. The so-called subwoofer refers to the range from below 40HZ to the secondary sound. When listening to music, it is almost felt by the human body, giving a shocking pleasure. This paper refers to a subwoofer replay mode developed by a Japanese company using Pascal's law. The speaker system shown in this paper is designed and tested. The frequency response is 30~20000HZ and the sensitivity is 85DB.

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The speaker structure is shown in Figure 9-48. The sealed cabinet is made in the same way as the general cabinet. The partition is placed in the woofer box. The Pascal drive (speaker) is mounted on the partition and driven by an independent low-frequency power amplifier.

Its working principle is shown in Figure 9-49, signal IC1 and peripheral circuits

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