Apple pushes new Apple TV to support 1080p HD video

March 8 news, according to technology website BGR reports, Apple today held a press conference in San Francisco, the United States, in the launch of the new iPad at the same time the launch of the new Apple TV, priced at 99 US dollars, on March 16 listed sales. It is reported that the new

Week 8 2012 Solar PV Product Price Trends

In the 8th week of 2012 (February 20th - 24th), the prices of silicon wafers increased slightly this week. The prices of polysilicon, ingots, rods, solar cells, and photovoltaic modules remained stable, and the growth of polysilicon products was insufficient. This week, due to Germany'

TCL Group Announces 442% Increase in Sales of LED LCD T…

TCL Group recently announced sales data for February. In February, the company's LCD TVs (including commercial displays) sold a total of 789,000 units, an increase of 210.79% over the same period, of which LED backlight LCD TV sales increased by 442.29%. The company said that the sales volume

Weifang will invest 2.357 billion yuan in 2012 to build…

From the “two sessions” held by Shandong Weifang Company held on February 7, Weifang Power Supply Company will invest 2.357 billion yuan in 2012 to accelerate the construction of a strong smart grid. It is reported that the annual investment of 1.47 billion yuan, the implement

MIT experts develop new LED devices to increase the con…

It is reported that the electric light bulb consumes much more energy than it emits, because there is always a loss when the light bulb converts electrical energy into light energy, such as partial conversion to heat, but a MIT (MIT) The research team recently announced that they have developed a n

12 enterprises in Ziyang Zheshui Energy Saving Industri…

Recently, from the symposium on the construction of 12 enterprises in Zhejiang and Guangdong Energy Conservation Industrial Park, it is expected that 6 enterprises including Philips production base will be put into operation before May 30, and more than 12 enterprises will be put into production by

Temperature and humidity sensor selection needs to know

When choosing a humidity sensor, you must first figure out what kind of humidity sensor you need; your financial resources allow you to buy what grades of products, and weigh the relationship between “need and possible” and not blindly. From the interaction with us

Design of touch button induction cooker based on CY8C22…

1 Introduction This article refers to the address: http:// The capacitive sensing type touch button has many advantages. Since the mechanical structure is not required, the touch button has an incomparable advantage compared with the conventional mechanical button and the film button, and thus

Canon 5D3 latest offer

Canon 5D3 single body price is 3499 US dollars (about 22036 yuan), with a 24-105mm lens package price of 27075 yuan, the price comparable to the current invincible rabbit or Nikon D800 (2700 US dollars) expensive A lot. For the first time, the Canon 5D3 has increased the viewfinder's

Differences in sales prices of electronic and electrica…

The European Commission’s General Directorate of Industrial Enterprises recently issued a research report saying that despite the fact that the EU has implemented a single market for many years, there are still large differences in the sales prices of the same products in different