Features and Application of Power Conversion Chip TPS54…

Summary of content: TPS5430 is a DC/DC switching power conversion chip newly launched by TI (Texas Instruments). Its superior performance has caused it to receive widespread attention as soon as it went on the market. This article describes the characteristics, parameters, func

Millet box VS glory voice comparison test

The market for smart TV boxes is changing with each passing day, and various types of smart boxes with powerful functions are constantly being replaced. The major manufacturers have also spent a lot of effort on product size while improving their performance. Today, we must

Graffiti smart release "sea version" 3.0 plat…

In early 2014, The Economist issued a document to position Shenzhen as the new capital of global hardware. The article said: In the land with Huaqiang North as the center and a radius of 1.5 hours, it runs the world's most vibrant manufacturing chain – from electron

Non-compliance purifiers are still on sale

The new national standard for air purifiers will come into effect on March 1. The new national standard proposes four parameters for air purifiers, including CADR, CCM, energy efficiency, and noise. Purifiers that are "not up to standard" in the market are still on sale. Accordin