Mobile communication standard: China's successful r…

Editor's Note: Standards are the basic elements that constitute the core competitiveness of the country and an important technical system for regulating economic and social development. Recently, the book "Zhongguancun Standard Story - Exploring Standard Innovation Le

95418 G242C435 touch screen 95418-14 touch panel

95418 G242C435 Touch Screen Repair 95418-14 Touch Screen repair 95418 G242C435 touch panel repair 95418-14 touch panel repair 95418 G242C435 Touch Membrane Repair 95418-14 touch membrane repair 95418 G242C435 touch glass repair 95418-14 touch glass repair 95418 G242C435 touch digitizer repa

Application of PLC and HMI on draw frame

Draw frame system overview In the process of becoming a roving and a spun yarn, the sliver is stretched by a hundred times, and the unevenness in a short range will affect the quality of the yarn in a long range. The carding and drawing process before the roving is a key proc

Apple's new patented two hovering touch sensing tec…

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today awarded two new patents to Apple, one of which involves hovering touch-aware technology. Similar technologies have appeared on some recently released Android devices such as the Samsung GS4; another patent It involves an in-line

E-book reader to choose cheats

For the majority of book lovers, the e-book reader is easy to carry and has a variety of books. It is a rare treasure. How to choose a genuine, practical and durable "book"? 1, screen The material of the screen and the use of technology determine the impact of the screen on vis

China's first 8.5-generation oxide panel production

Recently, the first oxide panel production line in China, BOE Hefei's 8.5th generation oxide TFT-LCD production line was formally put into operation at the Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Experimental Area in Hefei. China National Grid learned from the production screening ceremony t

Yuyuan received Samsung LED TV orders and turned hard t…

LED epitaxial plant Haoyuan Optoelectronics received Samsung's new LED TV order, the first to use flip chip technology, the legal person estimates that this high gross margin new technology is expected to contribute about 1 billion yuan next year, the next year's overall operation Strive to

Giants compete for white-hot TD quad-core battle

After China Mobile issued the information of the estimated sales of 1.9-220 million TD terminals in 2014, TD terminal chip wars have been staged, Qualcomm (73.24, 0.54, 0.74%), Spreadtrum (30.93, 0.00, 0.00%), Lianxin, MediaTek, MARVELL and E-mail have launched their own stron