Experts confirm that children's brain tumors are no…

US researchers have reported that exposure to low frequency magnetic fields does not increase the risk of brain tumors in children. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, reported in a new issue of the American Journal of Journal of Oncology that they have been studying the relati

Home improvement security Raiders

When decorating, be careful that the paint contains lead in the baby's room. The most worrying thing is the toy's skin, window sill, wall, all doors and doorway below 1.8 meters. Even if the paint does not fall off, often opening and closing the door can loosen paint and lead-containing dust

Inadvertent use of the induction cooker will explode an…

Not long ago, Ms. Liu from Beijing used to heat the walnut dew on the induction cooker for two years. I didn’t expect the induction cooker to explode suddenly. Fortunately, there was no one around, and then it was unimaginable. At the moment, it is a good time to eat the shabu-shab

Do you know the new concept inverter microwave oven?

New concepts are available every day, especially this year. Near the end of the year, the products began to shake the flag. Among the many new concepts, some may become the leader of the future generation of household appliances, and some may be eliminated by the market into a cloud. Rece

Pascal drive small subwoofer design

In today's HI-FI fever coils, the “quality” and “quantity” subwoofer systems have become an object of “hard work” for enthusiasts. The so-called subwoofer refers to the range from below 40HZ to the secondary sound. When listening to music, it is almost felt

Medical infusion preparation process RFID technology ap…

The medical infusion solution concept verification, together with the nine companies, completed the performance test of RFID hardware and the prototype of the infusion liquid RFID system. The Taichung Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was formerly known as Taiwan Provinc

Full knowledge of LED projection knowledge, explore the…

LED projector introduction LED (Light Emitting Diode), also known as LED, has long been used in display and lighting applications. Its main body is an electroluminescent semiconductor material. A forward voltage is applied across it. The current flows from the anode of the LED to th

LED fluorescent lamp related basic knowledge points

LED fluorescent lamp LED fluorescent lamp LED fluorescent lamp is made of super bright LED white light as the light source, and the outer casing is acrylic/aluminum alloy. The cover can be made of PC tube and has a high temperature resistance of 135 degrees. LED fluorescent lamps

Taiwan salt aluminum nitride heat dissipation material …

The new aluminum alloy heat-dissipating material of Taiwan Salt has won the gold medal in science and technology products at the Seoul International Invention Exhibition held recently. The person in charge of the Taiwan Salt R&D team said that aluminum nitride is a new heat-dissipating materia