2014 Gaogong LED Annual Meeting: Zhongweiguang Electron…

[Text|High- tech LED reporter Luo Shenghua] "Zhongweiguang Electronics has always been the leader of technology in LED streetlights. In this era of intelligent lighting, China Micro-Optical Electronics will also launch several smart street lamps and smart city management products." Zhang

What does ZigBee save you?

Smart home is the hottest technology field today, and the contest between the mainstream wireless technologies of smart homes has not stopped. But such civil strife is still the first time in the industry. The ZigBee Alliance and the domestic enterprise Nanjing IOT are inextricably linked. ZigBee

IoT territorial dispute strength from Intel

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Research Center, the number of connected devices has increased by 300% in the past five years, and it is expected that by 2025, the economies of various IoT applications may exceed $10 trillion. As more and more devices are connecte

General knowledge of buying a digital camera

If you go to the mall to buy a digital camera, you need to master the necessary common sense? The pixel problem is enough for a digital camera 5 million to 8 million pixels that is suitable for outdoor travel or home selfie. The "clearer the picture the pixel is from, the clearer&quo

Fixtures should not be too miscellaneous

Different spaces have different requirements for lights, and using the wrong lights may also affect health. The Southern Capital Reporter took you to see the lamps and taught you how to choose the heart and water lamps in different locations. Different colors have different psychological

Big data ushered in "land year" video surveil…

In 2014, Baidu, Tencent, Ali and other large Internet companies provided data analysis services for their own platform users. Data analysis applications in the domestic financial, environmental, transportation, medical and other industries have gradually begun. In the security

Conductive carbon black has excellent electrical conduc…

After the carbon black is filled with high viscosity, it is not easy to flow and the shearing force is large, and heat is generated during the extrusion process to cause the coke. The viscosity is small, and the strong shearing cannot be formed during the blending, which affects the di

Smart Home Wireless Network Emerging Technology Analysi…

The introduction of IP protocols into wireless communication networks has long been considered unrealistic (not entirely impossible). So far, wireless networks only use proprietary protocols. Because IP protocols have high memory and bandwidth requirements, it is difficult to reduce

The 12th Summit Forum | Hua Wei Yuan Neng Wenfeng: The …

[High-tech LED reporter / Yue Mengdi] benefited from the stimulation of a new round of favorable policies, with the rapid increase in the demand for LED lighting market, the driving power supply has maintained a high growth trend in the past two years. On the afternoon of September 26th, the 12th