Introduction to the application of portable media playe…

Audio-capable portable devices (such as portable media players, multimedia phones) require a long audio playback time, which requires a long battery life. In order to make the battery life of the portable device long, on the one hand, improve the battery quality, and more importantly, the power c

Policy favors and orders decline LED lighting industry …

The decline in exports, inventories, and the rapid decline in profit growth have caused the LED lighting industry to fail to usher in a real spring under favorable policies. A group of the 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Organizing Committee revealed the data is showing t

China will become the world's largest C-net smart p…

Three years ago, Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Telecom (who served as general manager), had been guilty of the lack of CDMA terminal models and the number of suppliers. He questioned the suppliers at the industrial chain conference that year whether he was "ashamed." Two years

MCU-based vehicle performance improvement design

introduction This article refers to the address: http:// In today's car design, people pay more and more attention to the two aspects of intelligence and environmental protection. Because intelligent cars can bring people a high degree of safety and comfort, in terms of environmental protec

Atmel ATA6617 LIN System-in-Package (SiP) Solution

Atmel's ATA6617 is a system-in-package (SIP) solution that integrates the ATA6624 LIN system basis chip (SBC) with the AVR microcontroller (ATtiny167) in a single QFN 5mm × 7mm package, including ATA6624 LIN The SBC includes a LIN transceiver, voltage regulator, and watchdog. With this sy

Digital Broadcasting Technology and Entertainment Navig…

Three international terrestrial digital broadcasting standards: This article refers to the address: http:// 1. DAB/DMB 2. DRM 3. HDRadio The DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting Standard) is used by broadcasting systems in many countries, especially in European countries, and there are many DAB r

Gamma - meaning in the television system

Although TV manufacturers generally do not use "gamma" itself as a selling point, the term has existed since the era of cathode ray tube (CRT) television, and is still an important behind-the-scenes feature of TFT-LCD. This article refers to the address: http:// In the case of modern

Automotive sensor applications and trends

I. Introduction This article refers to the address: http:// Automotive electronics technology is one of the core technologies for the development of the automotive industry. As the information source of automotive electronic control system, automotive sensor is a key component of automotive ele

Application of Bochuang Intelligent Gateway in Zhongtan…

I. Project Overview: This article refers to the address: http:// The “Zhongtang” community is located in the south of Xishan District, Wuxi City. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. The residents have the enjoyment of “outside the bustli

China's fastener industry development strategy in 2…

(I) Analysis of market advantages (1) The general environment of national policies is conducive to the development of basic components and parts. The State and relevant ministries and commissions have issued the “Latest Implementation Plan for Basic Components”, “Machiner