Don't leave the new Meizu flagship or Samsung proce…

Tencent Digital (Blue) Although the Meizu has just released the Charm Blue E, but soon there are new machines coming soon, and this time the protagonist is no longer the MediaTek processor. Recently, according to users @ WandT mobile phone technology in the microblogging br

Railway HD video surveillance system solution

According to China's medium and long-term railway network planning, as of the end of 2015, China will build 42 high-speed railway passenger lines, basically building a national rapid passenger transport network with “four vertical and four horizontal” as the sk

Pokémon Go misses CJ or will postpone to September

Pokémon Go has been popular all over the world since its launch in July. Although it has not yet been registered in China, the heat wave has swept through. This year's CJ was held as scheduled, but the AR game, which is not to be a fire, should have been able to set

Titanium degree is "attitude", titanium degre…

I remember that during my college days, my dormitory had five or six brothers. Every day, except for games or games, crazy supplements at the end of the period became the best memories of graduation. Because I learned the importance of learning when I was working. The game

Shandong Weifang LED lighting stores store ice and fire…

It’s good or bad to do business, but looking at the entire Weifang lighting market, the flag is striking. Old Market Cherry Garden Lighting Wholesale Market Although the supporting facilities are not perfect, the lighting is positioned at the low end, but consumers like to come to the old ma