About the color brightness of those things

What is brightness? This article refers to the address: http:// Brightness refers to the brightness of the picture, in units of candela per square meter (cd/m2) or nits. Candelas per square meter (cd/m2) or nits means the brightness of the candle per square meter, which is the light intensity p

LED lighting two camps against the national brand is al…

From the successive resignation of Foshan Lighting, the founder of NVC Lighting, to the CCTV "Economic Half-hour" report on the industry chaos, the LED lighting industry has recently become the focus of media attention. The foreign brands are under pressure, the patents are self-respectin

Tianjin Jinshan Cable was rated as Excellent Enterprise…

Recently, Tianjin City held a conference to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the implementation of total quality management and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Municipal Quality Management Association. Yang Dongliang, Standing Member of the Tianjin Municipal Committee a

Cohen Electric: Quality and service is king

There is a soft southern accent in the southerners, and Mr. Wu is no exception. There is a local accent in the conversation, and the accent is revealed in the accent. Mr. Wu is the owner of a Cohen store in Zhejiang. He has been running the Cohen kitchen appliance store for almost tw

PHS Network Optimization and Impact Analysis of DSP Dua…

In this article, we mainly discuss the optimization of the PHS network (PHS, P network) and the impact of dual-mode mobile phones on the PHS network. Wireless network optimization includes optimization of terminals, base stations and core networks. GSM (G network) and 3G (C network, including 2G

Fuji sells 1200 OLED patents to US UDC company

Fujifilm Corp. said yesterday (7.24) that it has sold more than 1,200 patents related to organic light-emitting diodes ( OLEDs ) to US lighting equipment manufacturer Universal Display Corp (UDC), including some Waiting for approved patents. Fujifilm Corp. is a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings Corp.

R&S launches next-generation AV test platform VTx

At the BIRTV2012 exhibition held on August 22-25, 2012, Rohde & Schwarz will showcase the next-generation audio/video test platform R&S VTx. This article refers to the address: http:// The world's first full-featured video analyzer for MHL video interfaces transmits media content to

The nine advantages of LED soft light strips make you b…

LED soft light bar nine major advantages First, the pure color: LED soft light bar using high-brightness SMD LED as a light-emitting device, it has the advantages of LED light-emitting devices, pure light color, soft, no glare. It can be used both for decoration and for lighting. Second,

Automotive Electronics Embedded Technology

1. System platform for vehicle control electronic products - OSEK/VDX This article refers to the address: http:// The OSEK/VDX specification provides a comprehensive definition and regulation of the electronic control software development platform for automobiles from real-time operating system

ExpertControl's application of ecICP/ecCST in autom…

ecICP provides powerful, proven, and reliable methods for automated model generation and system-wide parameterization for real-world application testing. ecICP for MATLAB is based on MATLAB software. Unlike previous software, it does not require theoretical knowledge and can be easily used in a v